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Weight loss success stories-Burning calories from your body sure is not an easy thing. At one point, your out there sweating through a strenous workout in the gym and managed to burn 200 calories. And then at the other, your sipping a cup of frappucino and you’re all back to you are. However, it doesn’t mean that there’s no hope for you whatsoever. In fact, there are various ways to reduce the amount of calories you consume in your daily diet. To make that happen, follow the following tips:

 how-to-weight-loss 15 Tricks and Tips to Cut 100 Calories In Meals-weight loss success stories

During breakfast


A successful diet always starts during the morning, and to cut off a significant amount of calories from your breakfast, you should:

  • Substitute 2 whole eggs with 4 egg whites
  • Use sugar-free topping for your waffles
  • Reduce the amount of your granola from 8 ounce to 4
  • Drink a single espresso instead of latte
  • Share half of your bagel to your friend or family member
  • Order pancakes without the butter


During lunch


After successfully cutting a few calories from your breakfast, it’s time to take a check on your caloric intake during lunch. To do so, you just have to:


  • Switch your burger with turkey instead of beef
  • Sip an unsweetened iced tea
  • Skip croutons at the salad bar
  • Use mustard rather than mayo for your bread
  • Take your bun off your hamburger roll
  • Take your quesadilla which is made from corn instead of flour


During snack


If you normally engage in snack breaks, then you should remove some calories off them as well. You can do so by:


  • Choosing sparkling water instead of soda
  • Consuming ½ cup of fresh grapes rather than a box of raisins
  • Draining the syrup from your fruit cocktail then rinsing the fruits before munching them


Well, the real secret to cut 100 calories from your diet is to steer clear of foods which are high in calorie content. Also, by using alternatives from the usual foods you eat, you can be able to consume lesser amounts of calorie while still being able to receive the nutrition you need.


Or if you want to have an even effective means of cutting calories from your body, while having the benefits of a detox diet, then you might want to opt for a fruit juice cleanse.


What is a fruit juice cleanse basically?


It’s a natural form of cleansing your body to get rid of toxins and any other harmful free radicals that could only harm you. If you are planning of taking a fruit juice cleanse, you might want to consider first your body’s reaction to a whole week without any protein or fat, as well as a minimal intake of only 1,000 calories per day.


After taking your first sip, the hunger signals from your brain will be accumulated with a splash of fruit juice sugar. This prompts your pancreas to produce insulin, which will then transfer the sugar into your cells. You might feel dizzy after this, considering that your blood sugar level will suddenly increase the moment your cells absorbed the glucose.


However, as days pass by, you can experience a sudden change in your overall body. You will then begin to feel a bit energized and refreshed after taking a fruit juice cleanse, mainly because your body has been able to get rid of all the other harmful toxins from it.


This and the other tips mentioned above can surely be of great help to you in cutting a substantial amount of calories from your body. By simply following them, you can be able to lose weight the right and effective way.


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