What to look for while buying used backhoes on sale?

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If you own a fairly large piece of land and have to struggle to keep it maintained then you must definitely be aware that backhoes are starting to earn a great reputation among home owners. More and more people are now discovering how owning one own personal machine could be one of the smartest investments that one could make. A backhoe is more than just a piece of heavy equipment designed to dig holes or ditches. A backhoe can revolutionize how one uses one’s land and that too without having to break a sweat of one’s own. A backhoe is designed in a way that it can move huge amount of earth in a very short period of time. Here are a few pointers if you are looking forward to buying a used backhoe –

used backhoes

Where to look for?



Buying a backhoe, whether it is new or used is not as easy as it seems. Most of us who have bought many different vehicles in our lives will agree that a backhoe is a totally different breed when it comes to the mechanisms and it deserves to be treated with respect. Firstly there are not many dealerships that deal with used backhoes. One has to do a lot of groundwork before finding the right place where one can buy the beast one is looking for. You are likely to find an used backhoe for sale from those people who have upgraded their machines and are therefore looking for discarding their old ones. You need to find and approach these people.

What to look for?

One first needs to sit with a pen and paper to note down the exact uses that one may have for this beast of a machine. Do not imagine using a backhoe for snow removal or weed removal from your garden patch. A backhoe costs a lot and you would do better to save the money and buying the exact equipment that is specifically tailored for your needs.  It is however a general rule of thumb to get a bit of more machine than you currently need now in anticipation of what you may need in the near future. So, note down all of that.

The next thing that one must really look for in the machine is whether it is capable of all the multitasking projects that you intend to do with it. It should not come as a shock to you, after having made the purchase that the machine you bought is just a step ahead of an oversized digger. A more versatile machine may cost you slightly more than what you may have had in mind. But it is also guaranteed to give you more returns than what you may have anticipated for in the first place. So, go for a machine that you know will be able to tackle all the work that you have in mind and some more. Being capable of a lot of multitasking also boosts the resale value of the machine if you ever decide to sell it.

Other factors

It is advisable to take help from someone who has had reasonable experience with this kind of machine. A backhoe is not your regular pickup truck that you can take out for a spin whenever you want. It is made up of many unique and complicated parts and are designed for a different kind of job altogether. A person who has had good experience with such a machine can test all the capabilities that the machine boasts of and advise you if it is worth the money that you are shelling out for it. The general idea is the same when one takes a car out for a test drive.

Popular options

Cat backhoes are very popular and so are models like JCB, case and the likes. Other companies like Ford and John Deere also make lower end models of these machines but you must be careful to test the capabilities as they may not be sufficient for the needs you have in mind. If you think that you will be satisfied by these smaller versions, go for it. It also means that you will need a smaller place to store this machine. Buying the right backhoe should not be a problem if one sticks to these pointers and keeps the known brands in mind while making the purchase.

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