Relationship Break up Story-Why Love vanishes after Marriage

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Why Love vanishes
Basanti asked her husband Veeru, “It is extremely surprising that you never remember the date of your birth but how you never forget our marriage anniversary?” Veeru who was relaxing said to Basanti naughtily, “Any wise man would never make the mistake of forgetting the saddest day of his whole life.”so why love vanishes after marriage
 Relationship Break up
Saying this, Veeru again said to his wife, “But first you tell me one thing that why do you keep asking me such silly questions?” Basanti was expecting this question from Veeru as she instantly said, “I do all this for your own good so that you can understand everything with ease.”
Pausing for some moments, Basanti again asked Veeru, “Had I been married to somebody else, what would you have done then?” Veeru instantly replied to Basanti, ‘I am not that selfish honey that I will wish such an evil thing for others.”
Hearing this reply from Veeru, Basanti retorted, “It was you who used to say just one thing all the time that I love you my darling, please don’t go; I love you a lot; at least tell me when will you come to meet me again?”
Hearing Basanti’s remarks, Veeru replied to her in the same fashion, “Have you forgotten how you used to call me your Hero No. 1 at the time of our marriage? But after marriage, you have virtually turned me into a Coolie No. 1 now.
Love After marriage
I don’t deny that I used to say ‘I love you’ to you before our marriage, but have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? The girl that I had fallen in love with before marriage was a very beautiful and charming one, but look at you now; you have virtually turned into a sack of potatoes after our marriage.
Now how could a sane man ask a woman who looks like a sack of potatoes about when would she come? Yes, any  sane fellow will be more than happy to ask her about when she will be going to her father’s house.”
Listening to Veeru’s comments, Basanti again said, “I am still very beautiful and good looking, but I think that your eyesight has really weakened now, that’s why you are not able to see the fine lines of my beauty.” Nodding his head in agreement, Veeru said, “I think you are right, and I should wear eyeglasses now.” Hearing this, Basanti again retorted sharply, “I don’t think you are going to benefit from wearing glasses because there is hardly any woman in this locality who is more attractive and charming than me.
 Relationship Break up
Even today, I spend 3-4 hours in the beauty parlour to keep the ‘Most Beautiful Woman’ title safely in my pocket.” After looking closely at Basanti’s face, Veeru said, “Did you not get a chance to get your beauty treatment at the parlour today? Your face clearly suggests that you are running without make-up today.
” Getting frustrated by her husband’s behaviour, Basanti said to him in an irritated tone, “you always keep calling yourself an engineer, but I wonder which College in this world gave you admission to complete your engineering degree?” Replying to Basanti’s query, Veeru said, “It takes lot of intelligence and plenty of studies to become an engineer.”
Basanti again said, “Yes I do know this very well, and that’s why I sometimes wonder how you became an engineer after all? You are neither good at any of the chores at home, nor outside.”
Veeru and Basanti were still going on with their discussion when Banwari Kaka entered the room with the breakfast tray in his hand. Feeling the heated and tense atmosphere in the room, Banwari Kaka slowly said to Veeru, “My education and stature is of no match to both of you, and I am not even capable of giving you any valid suggestions, but when I look at the constant differences and fights between both of you, I somehow sense a bigger storm waiting to strike in the future.
Breaking off and break upSon, I have stayed in this house since my childhood like other family members. And since there is no elder left in the house except me, I want to tell you something as your elder. If you don’t like what I say, then you can even hang me upside down if you want.”
Hearing this, Veeru affectionately asked Banwari Kaka to sit near him on the sofa and said, “You have full right to tell us anything you desire Kaka. Just tell us what you feel with an open heart.”
Banwari Kaka thanked Veeru for showing so much respect towards him and started sharing his viewpoint on the matter. He said to Veeru and Basanti, “Sometimes a man gets so tired of running that he starts thinking of his life as an unbearable load.
God has blessed all human beings with a special ability to understand their outer and inner behaviour to help them differentiate between what’s good and what’s bad.
As long as we keep a feeling of enmity for people instead of loving them, our mind will never be at peace. I have been noticing for a long time now that both of you have started fighting over even the smallest issues.
No matter what the issue might be, but both of you get on with cooking your own version of the story every other day now. Son, even I am getting old now, that’s why I say this not just to show off something, but out of my true concern for both of you that friendship or enmity entirely depend on our own behaviour, because we often take that person as our friend who stands alongside us in our hour of crisis, while anybody who opposes our ideas even a little bit, seems to be an enemy to us at that time.

Break Up Love Quotes

It is entirely up to us to lead any relationship break up in our lives in a good or bad way, but we also have to bear the fruits of our deeds in the end.”Accepting Banwari Kaka’s advice by heart, Jolly Uncle has understood this thing very clearly that if we don’t end our useless habits in the nick of time, then these habits often lead us to a doomed life in the end.
If a little bit of love is added in the misgivings of a husband-wife relationship, then it will not only lessen the sadness persisting in their relationship, but also help in enhancing the happiness in their relationship by many folds.

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