why the Climate on Earth becoming hot?

Formation of Climate on Planets in General – and on Earth in Specific –

Climate, the Sole cause for Nature, is the consequence of physical-chemical action and reaction – that happens between gaseous stage of the matter, and the gaseous state that appears after solid state.

The previous state for liquid matter is gaseous state – so also, previous state for the solid matter is liquid state – that means gaseous stage – liquid state – and solid form – is the corporal feature of (universal) matter.

The stage next to solid matter, in principle, should be gaseous stage? The reality also is the same? There are several inter-phases (stages) – subtle changes present in between gaseous – liquid – solid, which are the principal parts of the matter – this principle is applicable not only to the planets – satellites and stars – but also to the entire Creation of universe…….?

Although there is ‘solid matter’ from the surface of the Earth until 100 miles inside – there will be principally ‘liquid matter’ having excessive pressure in the underground thereafter.

So also, there will be gaseous matter, which has pressure potential energy – in the name of climate – for approximately 25 kilometers from the surface of Earth. Above that, either climate of Earth or another type of pressure potential energy will be present in the form of hot air. If so, this is very small when compared with the heat energy present in the underground – “ozone” separates this pressure state of hot air – and climate of Earth. Although except ultraviolet rays, only the remaining in the sun-rays are reaching the Earth’s climate – in the “climate” of the upper portion of the ozone layer, however, the feature of sun rays will be present completely.

What might be the ‘relationship’ between the liquid matter, which is influenced excessively by the heat in the underground – and has excessive pressure potential energy – and that of the climate of the Earth?

Climate on Planets

Based on the method, and way of spread (radiation) of the heat – light, produced because of ignition and burning of Sun, on the planets of the solar system, the ‘climate’ of those various planets appear. The consequence of physical-chemical action and reaction – that happen between gaseous stage of the matter, and the gaseous state that appears after solid state – itself, is “Climate”. The diversity of climate will be – based on the characteristics (qualities & quantities) and condition – course of that friction or process.

The liquid matter – which is present in the innermost part of the earth (after 100km from the surface) – has excessive heat. Because of solidification in its upper part (circular shape), it loses its heat to that extent. Gradually although lost the liquid matter of the origin – heat by undergoing chemical union with sun-rays – ‘Climate’ had appeared on the surface of earth. Climate is the sole cause for the existence of Mother Nature.

The solid matter – that is present in between the liquid matter in the inner most part of the earth – and the surface of earth – not being in the same manner (because all that did not lose the heat at one time) – had formed as “layers” having various states. So also, climate on the surface also, ozone as an important boundary, has various states – similar to, the layers of the solid matter are not in the same manner all over the globe, the climate present on the earth in the form of gas will not be in a single stable manner. It is subjected to numerous changes constantly. Monsoons are also a part in this only. Winds, unusual air – cyclones and others are the consequences of the change of climate – the same kind of “movement” and shake-up happens constantly in the liquid matter present in the innermost layer of earth and the solid matter present above it. There is “attraction” between the liquid matter, which has excessive heat that is present in the innermost part of earth (in the center) – and that of the gaseous form of climate of the surface.

The ‘climate’ of globe is getting heated gradually. This is indeed a matter that is agreed by everybody. Though many reasons are being told for that – increase of carbon dioxide percentage in the air is one of many important reasons.

Though there are several reasons including the weakening of ‘ozone’ layer for the thing that why the percentage of carbon dioxide is increasing, gradual decrease in tree resources – in the same magnitude, and more than that excessive production of carbon dioxide with the influence of industries – including the carbon monoxide produced and released by the machinery, the percentage of carbon dioxide is increasing in numerous causes – that, is earth is moving ‘distant to’ Sun? May also be a cause?

For heat in the climate, if carbon dioxide and the gases with close features to it are supposed to be the causes, if the tree resources, which perishes them, being perished by human beings is also considered a cause – and if the weakening of ozone layer is considered as another cause, earth to become ‘distant to’ Sun is also a cause only. Why is earth moving distant to Sun?

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