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Once a journalist published in a newspaper, a report of some survey which stated that 0 percent of the women are stupid. As soon as the report was published, the local women who read the same, stood in for a strong revolt.  The nervous reporter walked to his editor and narrated the whole story.
The editor comforted him, saying that there was nothing to be worried about: just publish in the paper tomorrow that 0% of the women are wise. The reporter did so.

experience matters

The entire women community was contented. The reporter questioned Mr. Editor, why such a pungent commotion on the part of women, when I had written the same fact in other words.
The editor explained that one gains intelligence, not merely by eating nuts, but by faltering. The reporter expressed that he had not grasped the meaning of the editors’ phrase.
The editor responded that it was about the game of experience. To explain this to someone in brief, one could take example of diamonds and pearls, which are of no worth without shine; similarly, a person without experience is of no worth or value.
The reporter reacted in a huffed tone saying that I had topped the school Mr. Editor. The editor whispered that if all knowledge was written in the books, no one on this earth would have been a fool.
It is the experience that guides a man to take correct decisions at every turn in the journey of life, and do not forget that man gets experience only during the course of wrong decisions experience matters lot in every point of life
The reporter lamented on whether it meant that whatever education one attains in school and college for years together is futile. Mr. Editor clarified by explaining that the younger generation does attain the scholarly education; however, there lies a great gap and difference in the bookish knowledge and the facets of the actual life and living.
Along with the studies, the practical experience guides an individual to face all kind of circumstances with audacity and courage. For this reason, one should, at any cost, keep imbibing whatever experience one attains from any medium, source or circumstance.
The editor continued to elaborate while uttering that the discussion over the subject of experience had evoked a very old incident in his mind.
The incident referred to the times when the British had undertaken the task of laying a Kalka – Shimla railway line of 00 Kms at the height of around 2000 meters.
They worked unsuccessfully on the task for months together, when someone pointed out to them a Shepherd boy named Bhalku.
 It was asserted that with his assistance, they would be able to complete the task they had been working on since so long in vain.
The British officer enquired about the educational background of the boy, which made that person consider him more capable in comparison to his well trained officers.
 kids hands on experience benefits
To his amazement, he was told that the boy had not even seen the threshold of a school, disregard engineering! But that the boy was so thorough and experienced with the region that he could be able to assist solving all the problems regarding the project.
After long discussions, arguments and debates, the British team finally agreed to consider theprospects of Bhalku.    
 The shepherd boy was appointed the consultant for the project. Thereafter, the officers laid architectural plans in accordance to whatever Bhalku revealed about the state of each part of the route, and very soon accomplished the hefty task of constructing more than 00 tunnels in and through the mountains.
By the grace of Bhalkus experience, the project was completed. Soon the name of that uneducated and rustic looking shepherd was prefixed with terms like ‘Maharaj’ and suffixed with terms like ‘Baba’.
Respecting the attribute of Bhalkus experience, the reporter told the editor that, till that date he gave an utmost importance to nothing but edification but that today he had realized that we can mould our thinking process and all life events on the basis of experience.
Experience appears to be the greatest truth; and so instead of being influenced by people, one ought to rely upon one’s own experience.
But the question is how can one attain such profound experience in all aspects of life? The editor sighed and further guided the reporter, saying that the process of the exchange of wealth between two people, the quantity of wealth remains the same, while the exchange of superior thoughts and ideas multiplies these into many folds.
Experience is like a light which guides our way through the darkness of all problems.
By lighting the lamp of such knowledge in the mind, one automatically finds solution to diverse problems in the life, without much effort or pain. To comprehend something, one needs informative knowledge, but to absorb it to the heart, one needs experience.
The reporter posed one more question: experience can teach us to deal with various aspects of life, but how to form an opinion about a person, which also plays an important part in dealing with situations – especially because one can never discern the working of the mind of the next person?
The editor set the reporters mind at rest by expressing that similar to the fact that flora and fauna transform into a diversity of shapes and colors during their passage through the weather around the year- from winter to summer, spring and autumn; similarly an individual may appear unalike in different situations or at various points of time.

Experience helps all

The true character of a person cannot be judged in one meeting – it is his reactions and behaviors in various circumstances and situations which reveals the inner true self, the personality and character of a person – the self which has been built while he passed through the diversity of the tests of time.
 His true self is the outcome of the amalgam of his feats and defeats, shortcomings and strength; that is, what he has ‘become’ through experience – and no education except for experience itself can generate this.
One gains experience only through practical vocations, occurrences and in fulfilling responsibilities.
By the grace of experiences, Jolly uncle has come to the conclusion that experience is the best teacher in the world. The only condition is that one should keep burning the desire to gain experience as long as one lives.
The best thing about experience is that it gets enriched each and every day.
Author-Jolly Jps

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