5 ways CASB Helps an Organization with Data Protection?

CASB or Cloud Access Security Broker is an on-premises or cloud-based software security solution. It acts as an intermediary between a cloud service consumer and a cloud service provider. The main importance of CASB is to secure, monitor, and manage the encrypted and sensitive data in cloud applications and services. This software or security tool seeks to ensure applications and data across multiple environments while enabling the system administrators to maintain complete visibility into all user, folder, and file activity.

A CASB solution consolidates multiple security policy enforcement types such as authentication, single sign-on, authorization, malware detection and prevention, encryption, credential mapping, tokenization, device profiling, logging, alerting, and much more. Data protection is an essential feature of a CASB solution. CASB Gartner describes it as one of the crucial pillars of CASB. Gartner is a leading analyst firm, and it categorizes the various functionalities of CASB into four pillars, i.e. Visibility, Compliance, Data Security, and Threat Protection.

CASB solution, which integrates DLP or data loss prevention tool, enables enterprises to efficiently check breach or leakage of confidential or sensitive data in real-time, which can cause a massive loss to the companies. DLP tools allow a network administrator to monitor the cloud data which is accessed and shared by end-users. Such tools help to keep the organization’s sensitive or critical information safe from cyber attacks, insider threats, and accidental exposure.

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CASB solution provides visibility and protection for sensitive data in SaaS (software as a service) and IaaS (infrastructure as a service) applications. It allows you to inspect cloud traffic from on-premises, other devices, and remote users. Here are five ways CASB helps an organization with data protection.

· Data Security

CASBs play an essential role in protecting cloud data. It provides you with full visibility over the data and information stored in sanctioned and connected cloud apps. It enables you to identify if the file contains any sensitive data, the owner and storage location, and the file’s access level. Such deep visibility allows you to quickly remember potentially overexposed files, putting confidential information at risk. A CASB sits between enterprises and cloud service providers. It actively monitors the activities to ensure that the security measures are not breached. A CASB solution is required both at the proxy level and at the API level. It ensures real-time inline security at the proxy class, whereas, at the API level, a CASB solution provides back-end security.

· Data Identification, Monitoring, and Security

A CASB solution helps you gather a detailed audit trail of the user and admin activities across the managed cloud and on-premise services. You can actively identify, monitor, and secure the data on a cloud platform with CASBs. Any compromised and executes activities that differ from the authorized user profile are identified, and abnormal behavior detections are raised. Your IT will be alerted about malicious activities in real-time. It can locate monitor the data at all levels, including the record level and the document level.

CASBs also encrypt data and process sensitive data without affecting the application functionality. It can effectively protect the data from security risks, irrespective of its location, be it on-premises infrastructure or the cloud services, or the dynamic in-transit data.

· Visibility

Visibility is an essential pillar of CASB. Most cloud services providers lack capabilities in audit or logging. A CASB solution provides insight into controls, users, data, and actions within the cloud platform. It gathers data on the authorized or unauthorized applications and about the frequency of their use. You can identify which cloud apps and services are being used across your organization with a CASB solution.

· Compliance

A CASB can deliver a higher level of security and compliance for various cloud environments. It helps in meeting the compliance standards of PCI, PII, and HIPAA, and more. With a CASB solution, you can ascertain if the cloud apps and services being used across the organization meets internal security policies and compliance requirement. You can enforce DLP policies to scan each file being uploaded to a cloud platform, to alert on policy violations, and automatically apply necessary restrictions to protect your sensitive data.

· Threat Protection

Cloud services are vulnerable to different types of cyber exploits. A CASB solution can identify insider threats and enables the network administrator to suspend the compromised user accounts to prevent data exfiltration quickly. It also allows you to monitor your cloud storage applications closely and identify potentially malicious files in the cloud environment. You can prevent the infiltration of malware in real-time using a CASB solution.

To Conclude:

CASBs have become an essential part of enterprise security. It allows organizations to safely use the cloud while monitoring and protecting confidential corporate data.

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