5 Ways to Decorate your Pond

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If you are an avid garden lover and love taking up new projects, then you must love having a pond. If you have a space for a pond, there’s nothing like it. A garden with a pond is a heaven for nature lovers and adds a different charm to your backyard. No matter how huge or small your pond is, it should be decorated in the best possible way. You don’t have to overdo with the decoration, but just a little touch of charm and make it look even prettier. A pond requires attention and a lot of maintenance, so you must ensure that you give it time. If a pond is unattended for several days, it will become dirty and start to form a slippery green layer. You must also ensure that the pond water doesn’t become stagnant and breed mosquitoes as it could lead to several diseases. A pond is a great way to get a piece of nature right in your backyard. If you live in a very crowded and busy city, you must enjoy your moments in the garden with your pond. You can add a few things to make your pond stand out and impress your guests as well.

1. Add some Water Plants

Plants will add life to your water pond. There are many water plants that can sustain in a water pond. You could add some lilies to double the charm and also add a few irises as well. Plants not only look very attractive but also provide shelter to frogs and other wildlife if you plan to introduce them later. You can also go for submerged plants like willow moss or water violet and see how they help in oxygenating the water pond. Adding plants could add to the maintenance of the pond, and you must order a pond pump to keep the water clean and healthy.

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2. Add a Fountain

When you have a fountain pump, you need not worry about creating a fountain in your pond. Fountains beautify your pond and also creates aeration for the pond. Water needs to flow so that it doesn’t become stagnant, and adding a fountain is a great idea to add that movement. You can go for fountains that change color and also look for solar fountains to make it eco-friendly. Aeration in the pond also helps to reduce unwanted algae and keeps your pond cleaner.

3. Add a Waterfall

A waterfall produces a soothing sound for the ears. It helps to create a calming effect on the brain. So, when you had a very busy day at work, the soothing sound of the water will help you de-stress let go of your worries and stress. It is a great stress buster and lets you enjoy nature away from the busy life of the city. A waterfall also adds the much-needed aeration in your pond and keeps it clean and healthy. If you live in a city, life could be pretty stressful. But, with a pond and a beautiful waterfall, you can enjoy a few moments of peace right at home.

4. Add Some Lighting

Lights spice up any place and give a stunning view to anyone visiting your home. You could add underwater lights or submersible LED lights to give your pond an edge over others. If you plan to host an outdoor evening party, you can impress your guests with these lights and get their attention. You can host a barbecue summer party and entertain your guests with your pond lights.

5. Add Some Stones

If you want to decorate your pond further, you could leave some big pebbles or stones in your pond. You could add a variety of patterns to make your pool stand out and give it a stunning view. You could also try to place a few stones in shallow areas for birds to dive in and drink water from your pond. You could create a paradise for birds and add some more cool elements to your pond.

6. Fish

Goldfish and Koi are some common fishes that can be added to the pond. It adds a nice color and brings life to your pond. It is very relaxing and pleasing for the eyes and is a great way to decorate your lifeless pond. But, if you have frogs or plan to add them, it is not a good idea to have fish and frog together. Fishes feed on the tadpoles and will leave you disappointed. You can pick either of them and maintain the same.

7. Make a Bridge

You can create a bridge over your pond and enjoy the stunning view of the fishes. It also makes the area accessible and adds more beauty to your garden and pond. A bridge is a great idea if you have kids and you want to introduce them to the fishes. You can observe the mighty fishes from the top.

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