5 Wedding Band Shopping Tips Men Should Follow


Wedding bands are important in men’s life as the shopping process of a wedding band is considered an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. While shopping, you need to remember that wedding bands are not for temporary occasions. You’ll be wearing them for countless years. Most men avoid wearing tons of jewelry, so choosing an attractive and relevant wedding band is one of the best ways to showcase your attitude as well as style. Whether you’re shopping for a unique-looking wedding ring or one that is appropriate with your partner’s ring, you must choose the features wisely so that the ring can help you to showcase your personality.

You won’t know if a wedding ring is best for you or not until you see them yourself. Instead of scrolling through designs, you should try them to get a perfect idea. However, before visiting any online shop or offline store to choose wedding rings, you must have some ideas regarding the features you would want in your wedding band.

In this article, we will discuss wedding ring shopping tips men should follow to choose the perfect wedding ring. Let’s begin.

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Start by Deciding Appropriate Metal Type and Color

The first step of wedding ring shopping is to determine which type of metal you would want to use in your wedding ring. This is considered one of the most important decisions while shopping for wedding rings. However, don’t forget that each metal is unique in its way and each of them has some brilliant features.

Choosing the right metal is important as it will determine the band’s strength, color, and vulnerability to blemish or scratches. If you’re confused to choose the perfect metal for your wedding ring, here’s a list of some popular wedding ring metals:

  • Gold: Apart from pure gold, it also includes yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold.
  • Platinum: If you want your wedding ring to be robust, then go with platinum as this is the strongest metal.
  • Tungsten Carbide: This metal is too hard to be damaged or scratched easily. However, you cannot resize them.

Decide the Width of Your Wedding Ring

Not everyone has the same preferences for their wedding ring. Hence, you should meticulously choose the width of your Epic Wedding Bands. If you’re confused about which ring will fit best, try some wedding rings of different widths to find out the perfect fit. Don’t choose a ring that is too wide, otherwise, it will look intrusive as well as heavy on your finger. Additionally, avoid choosing a ring that is too thin or it will look overwhelming and dainty.

Decide if You Want Additional Designs

A plain and simple wedding band is considered the most famous wedding band style of men. However, you can always go with some additional designs to make your ring more attractive and unique. This will help you to show off your character as well as the best way to stand out from the crowd. If you want to implement any extra designs, then take a look at these popular designs:

  • Stripes: This is one of the simplest designs. It just boosts the traditional look. As per Forbes, modern customers prefer vintage wedding bands.
  • Two-tone metal: If you want to maintain the classic appearance of your precious metal while adding some new colors, then you should choose this design.
  • Non-metal inlay: This design will provide a modern look as you have to choose from materials such as stone, wood, or carbon fiber.
  • Pattern: You can choose different patterns to implement on your wedding ring. You can always customize your pattern.

Decide if You Want to Implement Diamonds or Gemstones

Most women choose some precious diamonds or gemstones in their wedding ring. However, no rule prevents men from doing the same. Be unique and try to add some diamonds or gemstones to your band. Men who love flashy wedding bands will include rare stones and diamonds in their rings. But, not everyone prefers the flashy look as it is a matter of preference.

Decide the Finish or Texture

Just as the band’s metal, choosing the best texture or finishing for your wedding ring is extremely important as it will determine the ultimate appearance. Do you want the texture to be hammered? Or do you prefer a polished and smooth look? Nevertheless, some popular finishing options are:

  • Brushed
  • High polished
  • Hammered


These are the 5 wedding ring shopping tips for men. Remember that your wedding ring will carry your dignity as well as your image. Hence, you should always be careful while choosing the perfect ring for wedding purposes. Try to avoid making any mistakes as an unattractive or dull wedding band can affect your reputation as a gentleman.


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