6 Things Should Be Considered When Buying The Right CASB Solution

The Information Technology sector has transformed dynamically in the past few years. The advent of the digital era has changed how data is stored and accessed. Cloud Computing has emerged as one of the most convenient methods for data storage. A significant number of companies have shifted to cloud services. However, the rise in cyber exploits has exposed the cloud data to potential data breaches leading to the outflow of sensitive information.

Companies need to address the pertinent issue of data safety on cloud servers. Cloud access security brokers or CASBs function as the central data authentication and encryption hub. A CASB acts as an intermediary which enforces security protocols amongst users, devices, and cloud providers. The CASB service provider incorporates the security solution into your business, protecting your confidential data from any unauthorized third-party networks. With this feature, the gaps in the storage, transfer, and organization of data on the cloud premises are identified.

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CASB Gartner has identified the four pillars of CASB. This includes visibility, compliance, data security, and threat protection. These pillars help minimise data loss by controlling and regularly monitoring cloud-based applications and cloud services. Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB) market is projected to grow from USD 8941.1 million to USD 36910 million by 2026 with a CAGR of 22.2%. CASB market is growing exponentially as more companies are increasingly relying on the CASB solution to secure, monitor, and control the activity on the cloud collaboration platforms.

Integrating the appropriate CASB solution into your system will help your company fill security risks in cloud applications. CASB vendors provide multiple solutions. Hence you need to determine the specific features you need for your business. This article lists the top 6 features you need to look at in a CASB solution.

· Malware & Phishing Threat Protection

Data phishing has put the user’s data, including their login credentials and credit card numbers at great risks. Cloud applications are shared platform; they can easily fall prey to phishing attacks. A successful phishing attack can allow unauthorized third-party members to get hold of sensitive or confidential data quickly. They can also distribute malware inside a closed environment or enable these malicious actors to control the cloud applications remotely.

Due to cloud services’ porous nature, often the system administrators do not recognize the potential infiltrations. The infiltrators can steal personally identifiable information (PII) and use file-sharing or browser extensions to bring down the system. CASB solutions help the company to identify any possible threat that has breached the company network. It will process data that affect the privacy, safety, and security of its users. Accordingly, it will provide the system administrator with an appropriate solution to immunize the system against future risks. Early detection of the fraudulent attempts in the cloud applications prepares the company to isolate or delete the malware and data phishing attacks at once.

· Account Management & Security

Besides the external threats, cloud applications and services are also vulnerable to internal risks. It includes weak identity, credential, access management; insecure APIs; insufficient encryption; and even the malicious or clueless insiders. Such internal threats can compromise the system internally.

However, specific key indicators help to recognize insider threats. This includes unauthorized downloading or copying of sensitive data, suspicious login locations/varied timings, and massive download or storing files. CASB vendors monitor the cloud software thoroughly to identify internal threats. Most of the CASBs also determine the functions to lock down unauthorized accounts that invade the system with malicious intentions.

· Data Security

Robust DLP tools in the CASB solution identifies the loopholes or gaps in the data security process. Cloud DLP (Data Loss Prevention) solution helps classify and protect confidential and critical information from external and internal threats.

The DLP software, often available in the form of a CASB solution, adheres to its data management and control policies to protect the data.

· Unsanctioned Cloud App Discovery

“Shadow-IT” has increased significantly in the past few years. This has raised concerns about data security. In shadow IT, the hardware and software are not managed by the centralized IT department. Shadow-IT in cloud services is becoming more pronounced than ever before.

As the infiltrators can easily access the SaaS cloud services, shadow IT needs to be controlled. A CASB vendor will provide a solution to help the admins to identify risky or unauthorized applications. By minimizing the permission granted to such applications, confidential data leakage through the cloud services can be checked.

· Impact On Network Performance

A proxy-based CASB is an in-line solution in which a third-party agent or proxy is placed in the cloud traffic to check and filter the users and devices. However, this process can severely impair network performance.

An API-based CASB is an Out-of-Band solution that extends a similar level of security to the cloud traffic. However, it does not impact network performance.

· Affordability & Ease of Use

A CASB solution comes at an affordable rate. However, a CASB vendor might charge ancillary costs besides the license agreement. When you evaluate the CASB solution, identify the terms and conditions to check if it is compatible with your business.

To Conclude:

CASBs have become an integral part of enterprise security. It allows the business to use cloud services in a protected environment without worrying about sensitive corporate data security. The system administrators can gain deeper visibility into the data storage and transfer with the right CASB solution.

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