8 Reasons Why People Celebrate International Women’s Day

8 Reasons Why People Celebrate International Women’s Day

Happy Women’s day has been celebrated for almost half a century. In 1977, the United Nations named 8th March International Women’s Day. However, its origins can be traced back to the early 1900s. It is a day that commemorates womanhood and the progress society has made and continues to make about women.

Considering the growth in women’s rights despite race or social-economic situation, some critics wonder if it’s relevant. Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary to commemorate happy International Women’s Day.

Women Still Face Early Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation

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It is the 21st century, but women are still facing atrocities such as FGM and early marriages. Statistics show that girls in African countries such as Kenya and the Central African Republic are still circumcised and married off in their early teens. A closer look will reveal that it is not just limited to Africa but across the world, even in developed nations.

Gender Pay Gap

Employment among women has increased over the years. Nevertheless, women are still being paid less than men. As of 2020, statistics have shown that their female counterparts receive almost 20% short a man’s every dollar receives. The figure is much worse when it comes to minorities. It is estimated that women of color earn less than 66 cents for every dollar a man earns.

Over the decades, the gap has shrunk considerably, but that doesn’t say much about women’s place in the workplace. Many factors could contribute to the decline that does not necessarily mean women are making headway for equal and fair pay.

Gender Education Gap

Education has been a key issue Globally. The number of educated individuals is on the rise. According to UNESCO, more than two-thirds of the world population have undergone some formal education. Women, moreover, are more educated than at any other time in history. Yet, the gender education gap continues to persist—more in developing countries than developed. There is more to be done to fill the gap, especially in third-world countries where girls are more disadvantaged than boys.

Gender-Based Violence

Women and men are vulnerable to gender-based violence. Still, women are two times more likely to experience violence than men. Apart from the violence itself, most women end up losing income because of being injured. It is estimated that more than 30% of the global women population have admired experiencing some form of violence in their lifetime. Another reason why commemorating happy International Women’s Day is crucial.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The workplace has become a battleground of sorts. The fight against sexual Harassment is ongoing but faces opposition. Women are usually on the receiving end of such actions. The case could range from hostile behavior or subtle comments directed at the female workforce. Some cases are reported but usually end up being swept under the proverbial rug. Celebrating international women’s day brings these issues to light.

Secondary Victimization

Women endure a lot of discrimination in today’s society. Regardless, the culture of secondary victimization makes it worse. The idea that some could have done something to avoid the assault is adding insult to injury. This type of response to a rape or assault victim forgives the abuser in one form or another. Blaming the victim only reinforces bad behavior. Happy Women’s Day reminds us of these struggles that need to be dealt with.

Power Inequality

Power balance favors men to women. Be it politics or leadership in business; the woman is always at a disadvantage. In some cases, men feel threatened to the point of suggesting that women should know their place, which is at home and in the kitchen. As much as women raise families, they also can run businesses and be leaders. Happy Women’s day a reminder that the battle for equality is still on.

Abortion Rights

Abortion is a topic that leaves a sour taste in the mouth of many. Men usually micromanage most laws that govern what is to be done about abortion. Every woman has a right to decide what is right for her. Choice should not be a privilege but a right. Unfortunately, men who have no experience in what being a woman entails making decisions that directly affect men. However, changes in the law in countries such as Argentina show progress that we hope will be reflected worldwide. Until then, we celebrate happy Women’s Day.


Happy International Women’s day maybe four decades old, but the struggle is still on. There is so much the woman is yet to do to attain equality for all. No matter where they may inhabit, a win deserves more than the current getting.

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