A complete guide on how to choose kitchen sink

A complete guide on how to choose kitchen sink

A complete guide on how to choose kitchen sink

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen sink? Then you must be confused about which sink to choose for your kitchen. Don’t worry, to make your job easier, we have compiled a list of different types of kitchen sinks that will help you choose the best one for your kitchen.

The list consists of sinks made of different materials and styles and has both pros and cons as well.

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Also known as an apron sink, this kitchen sink extends over the edge of the counter. It is mostly used in traditional types of kitchen and it is available in both single and double bowl design. The farmhouse kitchen sink is highly durable and is perfect for washing a lot of dishes at the same time. The biggest downside of using this sink is that it is very expensive and difficult to install. You need to cut to a large portion of your counter in order to install this sink.


As the name suggests, the undermount sink is installed under the counter, which creates a seamless look from the countertop to the sink. This type of sink is versatile and works with almost any type of kitchen layout. The sink is easy to clean because of its seamless look, no debris is stuck on a lip or rim while cleaning it. 

 Choosing the right weight is important because the sink will be installed using glue to the underside of the counter.


This type of sink is light in weight and easy to install. Stainless steel sinks are categorized by the gauge. A thicker gauge means the sink is heavy and cheap. While a thinner gauge means the sink is light and expensive. The downside to using a stainless steel sink is that it makes a lot of noise and they can dent very easily.


Bar sinks are smaller compared to your average kitchen sinks, which makes them a secondary option. They usually come in single bowl design and are used for making drinks or doing prep work. If you are a large family, you can use this sink for entertaining in your patio, terrace, or bar.


This type of sink is made by sticking crushed granite together using resin filler. Granite composite sinks are highly durable and resistant to stains. They also provide a cutting-edge and modern look to your kitchen. They are sound absorbent, which means they don’t make much noise. The only downside to using this sink is that it is heavy and requires extra structural support to accommodate for extra weight.


Cast iron sinks have a glossy finish because of porcelain coating. This type of look appeals to many homeowners who are looking for a sink to complete their vintage style kitchen. Cast iron sink is more durable than other sinks, but the porcelain coating can chip away easily. Since the sink can chip easily, you need to choose which type of dishes you can wash in it.


Kitchen sinks have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. These sinks are ideal for both prep work and primary work. They look great on granite, wood, or stainless steel island, which gives you the freedom to design your kitchen the way you want. If you want to install a kitchen island sink, make sure you consider the extra cost of installing plumbing in your kitchen.


This sink is made by fusing glaze and clay at a very high temperature. Fireclay sinks look almost identical to cast iron sinks but they are more durable. They won’t chip, stain or etch and you can use abrasive cleaners to clean it. They are more expensive than cast iron sinks.


A single bowl sink is great for small kitchens or for kitchens that are limited counter space. This sink is perfect for cleaning large cookware because you can lay them flat at the bottom. These sinks are not ideal for multitasking like cooking and cleaning at the same time. So, they are only recommended for small households.


Also known as a drop-in sink. The sink drops into the counter, creating a lip or rim around the sink. Top mount kitchen sinks are easy to install and provides extra support, meaning you can use almost any material, without worrying about the weight. The only thing you need to consider is that debris and grime can easily be stuck in the lip or the rip, which makes cleaning a tough job.

After making your final decision, you can buy latest houzer sinks online that will suit your kitchen and your cooking habits.