A Quick Guide to Assisted Living

Assisted living has been referred to as one of the golden eggs of becoming older.  With life becoming a bit too overwhelming, some sensible people opt to take up assisted living to ensure that they are getting the best care they can, and to enjoy life as much as possible.

While living alone in your own property gives you a sense of independence, often it doesn’t give you the lifestyle you deserve. Worrying about problems around the house, hauling in heavy bags of groceries and always being wary of those little trip hazards around the place is no way to enjoy the best years of your life. If you are feeling at all interested in this great way of life, read on.

Guide to Assisted Living

Here is an Overview of the Main Benefits of Assisted Living

Assisted living communities give residents the freedom to enjoy the things they love, while simultaneously helping them with basic living arrangements to ensure their best health.

If you have been worried about yourself or your loved one getting the care and attention they require, you can rest easy if you decide on assisted living, here are just a few of the benefits you can expect from all good communities.

1. Transportation Needs. Often residents in assisted living are no longer driving. Ordinarily this would not be a problem if you have a partner who can drive you, however if you live alone it can be very restrictive. A good provider will always have available transport to do any activities required such as visits, shopping, events or just for a drive.

2. Housekeeping and Maintenance. Nothing can be worse for an older person to have to strain and struggle just to make the bed in the morning. Some of the activities that we used to think nothing of can become a major burden in old age, and these are exactly the types of things that will be accommodated in assisted living. Replacing bed linen, laundry services, building maintenance, washing dishes and all the other tasks of everyday life.

3. Cooking and Preparing Meals. No assisted living provider would be complete without providing delicious, nutritious meals at least 3 times per day. Although residents enjoy these planned meals and love the social atmosphere, people can still request their favorite meals and snacks to be provided. Of course, minimal input from the resident is required and they can focus on projects they had planned for their older years.

4. Recreation and Social Events. This is one of the main reasons that people choose to become a resident at certain living providers. Some providers will go far beyond the call of duty and create full days of events for the folks to enjoy and of course provide meals throughout the day. It is one of the great benefits of being in assisted living to accomplish these recreational pursuits that are often denied to those without the means or will to do it on their own.

5. Providing Care to Residents. Being in assisted care means that you get a level above the help at independent care. The staff will be trained to provide services such as help with medication times, eating, walking, personal hygiene and liaising with doctors or hospitals outside the facility to ensure the best health.

With all of these benefits to assisted living in Mesa, AZ, it is easy to see why it is so popular. A lot of older folks will at first feel put off the idea as they want to keep their independence, but going into assisted living is one of the best things to do for your independence.

Knowing that your meals are cooked, your days are planned and you are assisted with all your personal health and hygiene gives you much more freedom to enjoy life than someone who has to worry about all of those problems alone.

Although most assisted living providers are good at what they do, there are some questions you should always ask yourself such as:

  • Does the provider listen to my needs and wants for myself or my partner?
  • Can they provide customized packages if I require something different?
  • Are the staff friendly, helpful and knowledgeable?
  • Is the setting somewhere that you would enjoy living?

Do You Need Assisted Living?

Sometimes it can be hard asking those questions, however it is necessary to ensure the best help for yourself or your loved one.

Assisted living is often a step that residents take after they have been in independent living and are finding that they would much prefer to have more assistance in life. Most problems that end up causing an older person harm come from attempting to perform an everyday task that has just become too much for them to perform, don’t let that happen to you or a loved one.

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