A Romantic Honeymoon To Bangkok From Delhi

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A Romantic Honeymoon To Bangkok From Delhi

Choosing a holiday destination can be hard enough, but choosing a destination to celebrate something as big as a marriage which is something you and partner will be cherishing and looking back on years down the line is a big call. This article talks about a honeymoon trip to Bangkok and why you should consider choosing the city for a perfect honeymoon.

Romantic Honeymoon To Bangkok

In case you are looking for a pleasant honeymoon overseas not too far away from India than Bangkok is the best fit for your requirement. Delhi to Bangkok flights remain busy all throughout the year mostly for business men and women and newly weds heading over to the city for a honeymoon. Its serene shores, beautiful and romantic beach resorts, various fine dining restaurants and the most incredible spa treatments makes it one of the best choices for a perfectly romantic honeymoon.

Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, also dubbed the “Venice of the East”, is an exemplary Asian city pressed with individuals, high rises and heaps of activity. Scent of fragrant food food spiced with light spices and a whiff of something strong as you pass by eateries makes you certain that they have used something fermented in cooking of the dish displayed. Smiling people all around and tuk-tuks all across the busy city traffic makes you smile and realise you have finally made it to Bangkok. Bangkok is a Godsend destination for a perfect honeymoon. When the first university in the city was a massage school, you need not second guess on the amount of pampering you and your partner will be giving yourself to throughout the trip!

With beautiful shorelines and some of the best and the cleanest beaches, a stay in one of the beach resorts will make you want to built a home there inside the resort itself. The food is lovely and cooked with such care and finesse that suits every palate and the best part of these resorts, are the spa treatments. Long spa treatments by professionally certified masseur and masseuse is the best spa treatment you will get anywhere in the whole world. Incase you cannot get enough of the spa treatment, you can directly head over to the massage school – the first University in Thailand, for an out of the world rub and relaxed session.

During your free time, if you and your partner fancy a short sightseeing trip other than the street strolling you have been doing whole day, head over to the Grand Palace, which housed the imperial group of Siam from 1782 until 1925. The huge complex (more than two million square feet!) incorporates unlimited structures and structures with unpredictably tiled rooftops and brilliant towers. Every step of the way you’ll see Buddha pictures, statues and religious portrayals, alongside pioneers, global visit bunches and merchants offering lotus blooms, incense and oranges. Another prevalent spot is the Jim Thompson house, which is really a progression of conventional Thai homes that the American silk head honcho cobbled together to shape a solitary home and a restaurant that offers great Thai cuisine which looks and tastes much different than the Thai food you get on the streets, not undermining the street food in any way which also has its own flavour and experience to it.

Overstimulating chaotic at time but then again as gracious and serene, is one of the best charms of Bangkok. The city is packed with people and cars and tuk-tuk and the markets are noisy as hell but the city also has more than 400 Buddhist temples which on entering, you will be greeted with silence and serenity. The aura of the place may seem overwhelming to fathom initially and meditating at one of these temples, regardless of your religion, should surely make you feel better. You can take a boat ride along the Chao Phraya River and on the way grab something to eat from the people selling soup noodles and stews mainly using the freshest ingredients vegetables and seafood. These meals are a sheer delight as the cool breeze hits your face and the stews and noodles have a good kick of pepper and spices to it making your ear warm and your meal even more enjoyable. Later on buy yourself a silk garment for which the place is widely known for. You can even buy silk garments that are handmade.

Bangkok is one of the best surprise you can gift to your wife for a honeymoon. Sure, India also has some great honeymoon destinations which are a perfect fit but Bangkok offers a whole different experience which you cannot find anywhere in India. It is everything from exciting, new, refreshing and most importantly, extremely romantic. If you are looking for an overseas destination, look no further and book yourself a ticket for the Delhi to Bangkok flights for the two of you and celebrate your wonderful journey to a new life in a destination fit for an event as big as a marriage.

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