The Undeniable Advantages of a Home Gym

Advantages of a Home Gym-

Exercising is important—it is.  It serves not only to keep us healthy and active, but many recent studies have shown a link between exercise and increased mental acuity.  It’s not only physical via physical improvement, but a mental via physical improvement—it sharpens us. So we agree, exercising is good; there’s really no logical argument to the contrary.


Due to its overwhelmingly positive approval rating, a large number of us pack into gyms like energetic, sweat-soaked sardines.  We wait for machines to open, jump on them and work out for five minutes with the next person in line watching and waiting for his/her turn.  And we pay for this privilege each month.  But there’s a better way.  There’s a way to avoid all of the neon spandex and grunt-induced apprehension and frustration of the gym.  What follows are some of the most exceedingly glaring benefits to a home gym:

Healthy eating lifestyles

Let’s first focus on the convenience of the whole enterprise.  If one chooses to pay for membership to a gym, one has to actually plan to go to said gym.  One’s gym is typically located near home or work.  Lets presuppose it’s near work and run through what goes into a simple workout.  One would typically bring gym clothes to the job, head to the gym pre or post-labor, lock one’s work clothes in a locker, workout, shower, get changed back into work clothes and then—finally—head home or to the next destination.  This is not a terrible process, but it’s lightyears from ideal.


The sheer amount of time wasted slogging to the gym multiple time a week is enormous.  With a home gym—either in the actual home or in the building—all of that extra time that accompanies exercise becomes an afterthought.  Having access to a home gym immediately deletes an array of barriers that often act as deterrents to exercise.  And with a home gym there’s no need to meticulously plan out when to fit in a workout; a workout can be squeezed in-between engagements.  It can be a spur of the moment decision.


“It’s too far. ” “I don’t feel like going out in the rain.”  “It’s going to be packed.” These excuses and others like them that end up derailing trips to the gym are a thing of the past when you can workout at home.  Sure there will still be certain days when you decide against a workout for an excuse that doesn’t really hold water, but they will be greatly decreased.  This is a fairly obvious point but it can’t be overstated.  Going to the gym is one of those actions that often occurs or doesn’t occur based upon outside mitigating factors like the ones mentioned (ie. weather, crowds etc.).  A home gym removes all of these factors from the decision entirely and thus, makes working out a for more likely occurrence.


In addition to the convenience, a home gym has the advantage of being highly customizable.  One can design the space however one sees fit and thereby make the atmosphere in the gym tailored for optimal output.  And there is never any need to feel self-conscious in a home gym.  Many of us are trepedacious when it comes to trying out a new workout in our local gym in front of the patron saint of grunting squatters and his compatriots.  And this makes sense, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little self-conscious when trying something new.  If you’re working out at home, however, this apprehension never enters the fray—you’re free to workout without fear of judgement.


Capitalizing on the surging home gym trend, many new luxury apartment buildings are including full, state of the art fitness centers within them.  Having a fitness center in one’s building has become a luxury that many people look for when shopping for a new home.  All of the aforementioned factors clearly play a role in the rise of the home fitness center, as developers all over are now making sure to include fitness centers in their new projects.


The new condo building at 101 Wall Street has a fitness center in it that rivals—it not exceeds—the standards of any high-end Manhattan gym.  The space was designed by Piet Boon with help from the owner of Structure Personal Fitness, Kevin Dineen.  Its tuff flooring was designed for resistance training, and the room is fully equipped with state-of-the-art equipment as well as a sauna, a steam-room and a golf simulator.  Why would there ever be the need to workout anywhere else?  Other new luxury Manhattan building’s like The Woolworth Tower offer very impressive high-end fitness centers that truly exceed expectations.


To reiterate one last time—a home gym is the way to go.  They are infinitely more convenient and said convenience will lead to better and more frequent workouts.  And better and more frequent workouts will lead to increased physical and mental health—and who doesn’t want that?

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