Writing an Effective Online Used Car Ad

Selling your car on your own via advertising business internet marketing may help net a better price than a trade-in, and if you want to do this successfully, the first step is writing an enticing advertisement. The internet is a great marketplace, and a well-written ad can connect you with loads of interested buyers and help you unload the vehicle sooner than later. Compared to a print classified, you can post loads of photos and go into greater detail about the vehicle. Here are some tips for writing an ad that will pique interest.

Think about Potential Buyers

Used Car AdWhile you will find a variety of people driving a specific type of car, generally , certain vehicles appeal to certain types of people. When constructing your ad, give some thought to the type of people who would most likely be interested in your car. For example, a more mature buyer would be more interested in a car described as having received regular maintenance, only having one owner and offering a smooth ride. They may not be as swayed by a car described as cool or fast.

Be Honest

The people looking at your ad are well aware that the vehicle in question is used; no one expects a pre-owned car to be perfect. Do not hold back on the vehicle’s flaws when constructing your ad. If there are dents, chipped paint or other aesthetic issues, let them know. If there have been any recent repairs, you should also disclose this. Being upfront about these issues in the ad makes you appear like an honest person who is not trying to pawn off a lemon on an unsuspecting buyer. This will take you far in selling your car privately since fear of being ripped off is a major component of shopping for used vehicles.

Take Lots of Pictures

The more a person can know about the car jus from the ad, the more interested they will be. Take tons of pictures of every part of the car, from multiple angles. Again, this makes you seem like an honest and upfront person and that you are not trying to hide anything. There is no such thing as too many pictures when it comes to selling a used car.

Explain Yourself

Using vague phrases or not giving detail when it is warranted can hurt your chances of a high response. Do not just say a car is ‘’clean.’’ If you did not smoke or never let pets in the vehicle, say that. If you ‘’need’’ to sell the car, tell the reader why. Did you get a new car? Did you daughter go off to college and no longer needs a vehicle? If the car was well-maintained, explain how so. Let the reader know that you performed oil changes religiously or rotated the tires as recommended.

Considerations for OBO

OBO which stands for ‘’or best offer’’ can be a powerful phrase in any classified ad. It means you are willing to accept less than what you are asking for. This can certainly pique interest in your car, but you must carefully consider whether you are actually willing to drop the price, and if so, how low. This phrase creates expectations that you are open to bargaining. If you really have no desire to accept any less than you are asking for, do not include it.

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