Amazing Portfolio Designs You Should Look Out in 2020

Amazing Portfolio Designs You Should Look Out in 2020

Originally posted on April 17, 2020 @ 7:34 am


Amazing Portfolio Designs You Should Look Out in 2020


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Self-marketing is the best marketing, they said. It’s a tough nut to crack, they never told. 

Yes, that’s right. Getting your voice heard loud, especially in the competitive market, is like dodging a bullet. We have empowered customers and winning over their trust is not as easy as we think after perusing some blog posts. Unless you got something special, the client won’t turn to you. This is a common scenario for all marketing firms and portfolio web designers.

Yes, you read that right. When a portfolio web designer has an impressive portfolio, magnetizing clients is effortless. Without second thoughts, a web designing portfolio showcases the designer’s expertise and accomplishments that leave an everlasting impact on visitors.

To me, a portfolio is beyond a collection of samples. As compared to a commercial website, it needs more attention since it is a personal website. Below, I have compiled a list of some popular web design portfolios for you to seek some inspiration.


  1. Stevenmengin.Com

This website is owned by Steven Mengin, a London-based website designer. I listed his portfolio on top because of his intriguing creativity. It is a visually stunning portfolio website owing to the subtle visual animation of cloud space. Furthermore, the resplendent amalgamation of contrasting colors breathes life into the website. 


  1. STRV.Com

The unique fact about the web design portfolio of STRV.Com is the optimal use of videos. As a digital creation agency, they’ve been making the best use of digitization. By visiting the portfolio and playing the video, you can easily and effectively understand the working module of the company.


  1. Stereocreative.Com

When you’re in the digital marketing domain, having an intriguing plus creative portfolio becomes an asset to etch your company among the industry’s upper crust. Stereocreative.Com is a digital creation website in London that emphasizes on the client-brand relationship. Their biggest strength is minimalistic website design amalgamated with simple but striking designs. With the maximum use of ‘images that speak’, one can conclude it as a trending web design portfolio of 2020.


  1. LoungeLizard.Com

This New York-based website design company makes your website look professional yet unconventional. Developing an unconventional website is like dodging a bullet, however, their think-tanks and brain muscles do the tough job for you. You can understand their creativity level the way they’ve carved a niche in the industry by their company’s bar-themed identity logo.


  1. Wokine.Com

The split-screen feature is not restrained till mobile phones for using two applications at the same time. Wokine.Com, a web development company in Paris applied the same idea to its portfolio. With a straightforward yet simple design, the split-screen style appears impressive. Moreover, the color scheme used on the website clearly states that white space in the split-screen frame can display text and imagery effectively.


  1. DanielSpaztek.Com

One of my favorites, this guy is a gem in the field of web designing. I was awestruck after seeing his web portfolio. The balanced approach of animations and graphics, his website provides satisfaction to the user visiting it. I’m sure he uses some plug-ins to protect the website from slacking-off.


  1. DeniseChandler.Com

Do you know what happens when a female brain and programming walk hand-in-hand? They reach the peak of personalization without excluding portfolio web design trends. Denise is regarded as one of the smartest web designers with a solid grip on programming. This magic allows her to develop the most badass looking websites. Take a look at her portfolio and you’ll get to know the stocked ideas.

Amazing Portfolio Designs You Should Look Out in 2020

  1. Rezo-Zero.Com

Rezo-Zero.Com is a digital art and graphic studio that carves brand identity. Their specialty lies in the brand case study and then creating its unique identity. Having a look at their portfolio and creations will surely leave you awestruck.


  1. FindMatthew.Com

If you love special UI designs and animations, better seek help for your website design at FindMatthew.Com. A digital warrior, this guy eats, breathes, and poops creativity. His portfolio is all about making the best use of a single-page portfolio with minimalistic designs and gradient colors. 


  1. Rleonardi.Com

Its 2020 and the web development realm is evolving. And, what’s the best way for narrating your evolution? Designing a game-like portfolio, that’s unconventional but interesting. Mr. Robert Leonardi, a website and graphic designer is one of the industry’s upper crust names. I assert the same because his portfolio narrates his work in the form of a playable video game! Such a portfolio will make you navigate through it joyously.


  1. HannahPurmort.Com

When you are a designer and know how to play with the images and colors, your portfolio is bound to be laudable. Hannah Purmort’s portfolio speaks for her excellence. By visiting her website, I realized one thing that being a wordsmith isn’t essential to convey strong messages. Using strong images and color schemes can breathe life in the portfolio.


Final Words

Crafting a web design portfolio is not a cakewalk. It requires a lot of effort, dedication, and time to make it attract words like- “That’s worth a billion dollars”. By understanding the web design portfolio module of the above-listed examples, and integrating them in yours, showcasing the abilities and expertise to the client would be like icing on the cake.