The fact the topic on anniversary gift ideas are one of the most trending searches indicates that every year, thousands of couples around the world celebrate their years of love and fidelity. The world can never have too much couples, as the songs goes: “all we need is love…”

Today, the world has disasters, poverty, recession and warfare. Tragedy is all around you. But there are still thousands of reasons to smile: birthday celebrations, baby showers, weddings and anniversaries, friends and family. These occasions with the people important to you are a reminder that love still makes the world go round. It’s necessary that we should celebrate such joyful moments such as anniversaries.


Anniversaries are a symbol of more happy years to come. They are a celebration of years filled with love and fidelity. Whether the anniversary celebration is for your parents, friends, relatives or your own, you should be prepared with a list of great anniversary gift ideas.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him

Beer Him

This is still a cheesy kind of gift even though it does have alcohol content and a strong warning to consume in moderation. It’s a thought that you are giving him a guilt-free passage for your anniversary celebration.

Personalized Boxer Shorts – Sealed With A Kiss

Being an overprotective girlfriend doesn’t mean being selfish. It’s just a way of telling other people that what’s mine is mine. Simply, grab a one of his boxers and mark it with your own personal touches. This will surely put a smile on his face.

Sexy Truth Or Dare: Pick A Stick

Truly a great recommend for a classy sexy time. This can set the mood for your anniversary celebration, so if you’re planning on a romantic dinner date or get-away, you can have some quality time with a fun sexy game.

My Heart Will… Pocket Compass

Make him find his way back home to you every time with this pocket compass. You can rest assured that he will not lose his way.

Personalized Men’s Black Braided Leather Bracelet

Want to give him an anniversary gift that is sweet but not corny? Then this is the right gift to give him for your anniversary. This is something that he can wear all the time to remind him of each other’s commitment.

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Event Ticket for Two

Take bonding time to another level. You may want to spend time in a concert or sporting event instead of a traditional romantic date. This can act like a surprise for your girlfriend. Drive her away from the traditional candle light dinner to an adrenaline-rushing date.

Gift Basket – Romantic Dinner for Two

Now if you want a traditional candle light dinner that will romanticize your anniversary celebration, then you can get a gift basket with the finest goodies to boot. It’s not a problem if you have burned the basil chicken you tried to prepare for the dinner. This comes with a ready-made treat.

Two Hearts One Love Heart-Shaped Personalized Ring

This is a good find on the internet that you may want to give her for your anniversary celebration. Jewelry is a traditional gift for a woman but it never runs out of fashion. Do not forget to add some romantic wedding anniversary wishes along with jewelry to make her heart tender.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Pearl Couple Rings

Who says you can’t get married the second time around? Especially if you’re running on your 12th anniversary celebration, pearls are a classic idea to give. Couple rings are a good idea to symbolize more years to share.

Musical Instruments

This is a modern anniversary gift idea especially on the 24th year. You may not think that this is a good idea especially if you don’t know how to play any music instruments. But this gift idea may come useful when you plan on retiring soon and spending more time together.

Candy (Assorted)

This is another modern anniversary gift for your celebration that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. Instead of spending much on a diamond ring or a golden locket, why not do so for something that will satisfy the sweet tooth?

Poetry Tribute

On your 46th anniversary, you may want to make a poetry tribute. This is another modern anniversary that you can do. Your 46th anniversary celebration is all the excuse you need to be cheesy and fuzzy.

Groceries Galore

Who says nothing comes out from the ordinary? Grocery and shopping are common activities that you spend together, but you can also have this as an anniversary gift by making it extra special. You can do some kind of a panic buying on treats that you both like: peanut butter, raisin bread, chocolates, a new curtain, etc.

Travel and Get-Away

Plan your second honeymoon with a romantic getaway. For your anniversary celebration, go to a place or vacation spot that the both of you have never been to before. You can have more time in private, away from all the hassles of city life.


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