A Guide To the Upcoming Ashes Test Match Series

Upcoming Ashes Test Match Series
The Ashes is one of the most famous Test cricket series in the world, since it was first established in the late 19th century. A match between Australia and England, it is played twice a year. The venue for the match alternates between the two countries each year.A Guide To the Upcoming  Ashes Test Match Series
The History Of The Ashes Series
The series was named after a satirical obituary which had been published by a paper called The Sporting Times in England, in which it was stated that English Cricket was dead, following England’s defeat at the hands of the Australian cricket team. It was said that the ‘ashes’ of England would be taken to Australia. Because cricket is a summer sport and the countries involved are in different hemispheres, the break between each series varies from between a year and a half, to thirty months. Within the series, there are five Test matches in total, with innings for every match. If the series results in a draw then, in accordance with the rules, the country which already held the Ashes continues to do so until the following series.
 Upcoming Ashes Test Match Series
The Ashes Series
The first part of the Ashes  series is to be held in the following English venues, The Oval, the Riverside Ground, Trent Bridge, Old Trafford and Lord’s. Regarding the Lord’s venue, there were some concerns over whether the venue was a suitable choice, as it has not hosted an Ashes Test since the series first began in 1882. However, after some debate, it was confirmed that Lord’s would be included within the five venues for the series. The second part of the series will be hosted in five Australian venues, namely SCG in Sydney, the MCG in Melbourne, the WACA in Perth and the Adelaide Oval. The series will be broadcast live by Sky Sports, Fox Sports and Nine Network. 
The Ashes series is set to be the first of two series which will be held back to back. Up until now, the Ashes series has always been held just before the start of the World Cup. In a bid to end this cycle, the series is now being pushed forward in its schedule by twelve months. The England team are hard at work training for the forthcoming series and as part of their preparations, will be playing a number of first class matches. 
The long history of sporting rivalry between Australia and England means that this year’s test series has garnered intense interest from cricket fans, millions of whom are now looking forward to what will inevitably be one of the highlights of the  sporting calendar. Given England’s victory during the 201002011 test series, it is expected that there will be thousands of cricket fans travelling from Australia to England for the Test matches, in order to boost the Australian team’s morale and of course, thousands of tickets have already been booked by English fans, who will be making their way across the world to support their cricket team in Australia when the time comes.AUTHOR BIO
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