Top Vintage mannequin for decoration ideas to style your bedroom

Vintage mannequin decoration ideas

Add style to your bedroom with a vintage display bust
Some clothes are beautiful to look at, so why should they be confined to the darkness of a wardrobe? The solution to showing off stylish clothes when they are not being worn lies in the creative use of vintage display busts.
Stylish bedrooms can be improved with the addition of a bedroom mannequin. Display busts have long been used in fashion and retail, but with a range of vintage decorating ideas available to make a great bedroom accessory and show off garments whilst protecting them from creasing.  While it may seem unusual to make use of what is usually viewed as a piece of shop furniture, purchasing shop fittings can completely transform the look of a bedroom.
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It’s important to choose high quality to get the full benefits of the product.  These Top Vintage decorating ideas & mannequin decoration ideas are often close to works of art in themselves and they are the perfect way to display clothes. Amateur fashion designers can make good use of a mannequin as they allow experimentation and the chance to view the impact of their clothes when worn on a realistic female form.
The mannequins look great, whether they are displaying clothes or not.  A vintage item enhances garments and ensures that a bedroom looks stylish and classy at all times.  Busts can also be used to highlight attractive items of jewellery, such as necklaces which can be hung on the display dummies.
As well as looking great, vintage display busts have practical uses when they are employed in the home.  They can greatly reduce creasing in clothing, as they allow garments to hang naturally and breathe.  This can often reduce the need to iron and eliminate the risk of burning or damaging the fabric when doing so.
Repeated ironing can quickly degrade some clothes, so it is best to avoid this whenever possible. Mannequins allow clothes to hang in a natural way and do not deform fabrics by applying pressure to certain points.  Normal clothes hangers can create problems with delicate fabrics and cause lumps and bumps to form.
To keep clothes looking their finest, it’s important to ensure that they are not affected by direct sunlight when they are on the bust.  It’s also best to place the bust somewhere where it will be safe from any knocks or liquid spills.  In addition, buyers should take care when purchasing the bust.  The mannequin should be roughly the same size as the individual purchasing it.  This will show clothes off in their best light and ensure they hang naturally when displayed.  If too large a one is used, the clothes may become stretched when placed on the mannequin.
Used creatively, mannequins can add an interesting focal point to any room in a house.  Beautiful clothing can be displayed and enjoyed, and the practical benefits can also help to extend the life of certain types of fabrics.  They look brilliant with or without clothes, and can easily be moved and customised to suit the needs of the owner.  Amateur designers can also make great use of them by displaying their designs on a realistic body shape.
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