The Southern India will never be so beautiful without Bellary Karnataka

bellary karnataka

The culture of our country is the thing we take pride on. The cultural activities and the social responsibilities for the people our country is really which we can showcase towards the western culture. The southern part of our country is the main source of this culture and system. The state of Karnataka is where it has truly believed to this type of thinking with cultural heritage. This vintage thinking has made the state so improved and devotional that it started attracting the attention of the other countrymen. Bellary the prime city located in the eastern part of the state is the main city with this foundation. The people of the city as well as the hotels in Bellary are in hope to develop their city as one of the major holiday destination of the country.

Bellary Karnataka

The transport system in Bellary Karnataka is mainly controlled by the state transport organisation. The state organisation for transport service is mainly divided in three major sections. The sections are respectively roadways, railways and airways transport system. The roadways transport system is mainly controlled by the national highway (NH-63) connecting the city to the nearest cities like Bangalore, Mysore and all. The railways transport section is modified recently as it holds the maximum number of tourism attraction to the city. it connects Bellary to all the metro cities as well as to the rest of country. And for the foreign tourism party there is the nearest Bellary civilian Airport for all. Otherwise it completes all the section of transportation with ease. The state organisation provides all the necessary help and support to expand the tourism business in the city. Now the hotels in Bellary are looking forward to it.

There are really some unique spots in Bellary which separates it from the rest of the places. The Bellary fort created amidst the 17th century is one the bigger tourist’s interest in the city. As Bellary is considered as one of the devotional places here one will come across to many Hindu temples of Laxmi and Narayan. And Hampi the famous capital of the Vijayanagara Empire is just nearby to this place. Over all it has all the potentials to be a great tourism destination in recent future.

There are all class of lodging facility and hotels in Bellary. One will find every type of luxury and lavishness with mesmerising quality of services in Bellary and its respective hotels. The hotels like Hotel Bala Regency and Hotel Bala fort are the expensive one with a royal hospitality service for all. The tariff of this hotels varies from 1000-2000 INR per day for utmost two adults. Here one will find the perfect restaurant to fill in their appetite too. And for the common people there are some hotels too even. Hotels like Hotel Pola Paradise and Hotel Rock Regency where people will find all kind of service 24 *7. The daily tariff will vary between 500-1000 INR for a day in these hotels. Over all the hotels in Bellary is a delight to visit.


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