Benefits Of Buying A Brand New Apartment In Istanbul

Turkey is a hotbed for real estate investment. Istanbul is among the biggest cities with a fascinating mix of new and old heritage. This is portrayed in the countless brand new apartments rising up across the city. Various real estate brands are heavily investing in new developments to tap into the immense potential. When planning to invest in an Istanbul apartment, read on to discover why buying a new one is a smart move.


The new apartments available in Istanbul are a true definition of luxury, style, and great designs. Most of these apartments have 5-star hotel features going beyond your imagination. These are available for everyone including budget priced apartments and extravagantly expensive options for those with more to spend. Some Ottoman style options renovated to match European standards are also available. You can’t get disappointed when in the market for an Istanbul apartment matching your budget.

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Minimizes maintenance costs

When investing in real estate, the maintenance costs matter. So, when investing in an apartment in Istanbul, opt for a brand new one. These are available to match everyone’s budget with options including studio flats and luxury apartments. Brand new apartments come with considerably low maintenance costs since every feature and fixture is new.

There is no need for inspection to determine their structural integrity. Additionally, you don’t need a service and repair budget to restore anything in the apartment. Brand new apartments come with the latest style interiors and super quality specifications from leading industry brands. Therefore, brand new is the catch when looking for cheap apartments for sale in Istanbul. The new fixtures in the apartment will take long before maintenance or replacement is necessary.

Limits renovation

New apartments in Istanbul are made with quality material. This means that you are not liable to make expensive renovations. The quality material used to construct the apartments lasts for a longer time before you finally get to make some renovations. Additionally, new apartments come with modern designs and you are less likely to make any costly modifications. This lowers the initial cost of putting the apartment to use.

Green apartment

There is an intense awareness of environmental conservation today. Investing in a brand new Istanbul apartment encourages green living. This is because developers understand the need to use low energy consumption materials with high insulation ability. Green apartments save a great deal of energy to lower the electricity bill. Green materials like high insulation windows retain heat inside to lower air conditioning costs.

The lower energy consumption of new apartments significantly lower maintenance costs while protecting the environment. Some of the green features on new apartments here include:

  • Compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Rooftop solar panels
  • Energy-efficient appliances

Lucrative neighborhood

Istanbul has various neighborhoods each with different features. So, property prices vary drastically according to the location of the apartment. New apartments are usually located in popular locations with favorable features including access to transport networks and other amenities. Areas like Bosphorus have nice brand new apartments from the heavy development taking place. So, opting for a new apartment puts you in place to own one in a good location.

No outstanding bills

When you purchase an old apartment, there is a risk of inheriting some problems and bills. There is a chance of the previous owner leaving behind phone, water, gas, or electricity bills. Additionally, the apartment might not be resistant to earthquakes, Istanbul has a potential risk of this. Luckily, new apartments care designed after consideration of all potential risks including earthquakes.

Additionally, new apartments usually have less disputes regarding ownership. This is because you are to be the first owner to purchase it from the developer. With all necessary paperwork in place, the whole purchase process becomes easier, takes less time, and is less straining. There is no worry of ending up with an apartment with ownership disputes.

Come with basic amenities

Developers of brand new apartments in Istanbul design the property with convenience in mind. This leads to the construction of apartments with basic amenities available to tenants. You are likely to purchase an apartment with access to facilities including:

  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Children’s play area
  • Door space
  • Parking area

When purchasing an apartment to rent, a new one with such communal facilities is a worthy buy. You are likely to find tenants much easier and faster. This means getting a better return on investment in a shorter time.

Bottom line

When taking the plunge to invest in Turkish real estate, Istanbul is an ideal location. When planning to purchase an apartment, a brand new one is a worthy investment. This doesn’t come with various headaches associated with older properties including missing title deeds, renovation costs, and poor quality materials. Brand new apartments are built with quality materials and communal facilities including a swimming pool, gym, and outdoor area.