Best Birthday Presents ever for Loved Ones Living Abroad

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Best Birthday Presents ever

At times, it can be difficult to find birthday presents for loved ones that are living abroad; you want to find presents that aren’t going to be too expensive for post and packaging. It’s also important to get hold of presents that aren’t going to be at risk of being lost or damaged during posting. In this way, you want to look into some good online options, as well as specialist companies that can handle long distance transportation of more sensitive items. With this in mind, some of the best birthday presentsfor loved ones living abroad include:

Best Birthday Presents ever

Online Vouchers

If you’re unsure about what someone may want, it can be a good idea to issue them with vouchers for online shops, which can then be delivered locally; you can also find out more about what local shops they have that offer online voucher deals.


While you can communicate with loved ones living abroad through Skype and other online video systems, you can also put something together that’s a bit more professional and wide ranging – this can include filming messages from relatives and friends that don’t have online video.

Gourmet Food Baskets

You’ll need to find a good company that can distribute gourmet food baskets overseas – given the risk of damage or food baskets being lost, companies that either use local re-sellers, or that can guarantee that items will be safely shipped, are recommended.


A straightforward option to follow for a birthday present involves sending an eCard – these cards can be personalised with videos, images, and messages, and mean that you don’t have to worry about post and packaging; as long as your loved one has an Internet connection, they can access cards on their birthdays.

Charity Donations

A charity donation can be a good idea when it’s difficult to physically deliver items to another country; this donation can be made online, and can involve sponsoring an animal or a person, with the recipient then able to track their charity gift and get online updates on it.


If your loved one is struggling to find the right shampoo or other necessities in their country, you can make things easier for them by putting together a care package that includes these items. As with sending food baskets, make sure you find a company with experience in shipping to particular companies.


Although this might not be the most exciting present, money can be an excellent solution to getting around long shipping times; you may have to pay some exchange or transfer fees, but you can get funds to someone to spend on their birthday.

Plane Tickets

An excellent gift if your loved one is struggling to find the time and the money for a flight home, paying and sending plane tickets can mean that they don’t have to worry about going over their budget; plane tickets can similarly be sent online to save on posting.

Author Bio: Karl Donaldson has experience of living around the world, and is always looking for cost effectivepresents to send to friends and family. He’s always partial to an eCard sent on his birthday.  Karl can be found blogging about how to ensure your loved ones know you care, despite any distant.

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