Best Car Modification Services in Chennai

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Have you recently brought a car of your dreams? Or do you want to turn your ordinary feeling vehicle into a stunning machine on wheels? Did you always want your car to reflect your personality and attitude, but we’re not sure of whom to approach for the job? The answers to all the questions will be found here.

Speed Freaks is one of the famous centers which offers the best car modification in Chennai. It is that one place where everything a car needs will be available to the customers. We understand your ideas and dreams about your car. We make sure that we go on with the modification process only after thoroughly understanding your requirements. Customer satisfaction is our priority.

As an award-winning car customization service center, we constantly try to be creative and unique. Our highly experienced technicians and engineers know the importance of giving each car a definite personality to make it stand out in the crowd. It is also equally important to see that the personality of the car matches the personality of the owner. Some like it simple, some prefer classy, while some opt for the bold look.

The interiors of a car need special attention as these are responsible for the driving experience of a person along with the working of the car mechanics. Let us take a detailed look at the services we provide.

  • Upholstery
    • Our range of materials, designs, threads for stitches, patches, logos in the finest brands will help the customers pick their favorites for the car. We also stock and offer a similar customization process for artificial upholstery.
  • Styling
    • Our collection of LEDs, wheels, bulbs, tints, wraps, body kits, etc. is built by bringing together the best of the products available throughout the world.
  • Audio Installation
    • At Speed Freaks, we are known for best audio installation services we provide. We understand the importance of a good sound system and the love for music. We arrange and integrate the sound system into the car in the way it is supposed to be done. We ensure that the acoustic quality of the system is not at all disturbed by adding new features.
  • Performance Enhancement
    • Forged wheels, upgrading lighting, braking enhancements, upgrading stability and suspension, power boosting, etc. come under the performance enhancement option. With so many options available in the markets it could become difficult to choose the ones that best suit the car. We will help customers with the best car customization in Chennai.
  • OEM integration
    • We understand the guidelines of each car manufacturer and work around it in a way that new features can be added to the car without causing any damage to the parts or components with a warranty. No wires will be disturbed while we install the new OEM products.

At Speed Freaks, we are passionate about their work and share a common love for cars. We offer only the best to our customers.

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