Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Myths – Debunked!

You enter a room and find a beautiful carpet spread across the floor, which is the most important part of the room. Almost immediately you feel a little hesitant to step on it when it is clean and new. Yet, you have to. And everybody has to walk on it. So, it’s quite obvious that the carpet is going to get dirty. However, that does not mean that it has to remain like that. A carpet can add to the beauty of the room. Hence, it is a good idea to get it cleaned though it attract dirt so much. In fact, it is quite common to go for a carpet cleaning and a lot of companies offer these services. Carpet cleaning need some knowledge, however, a few myths also exist regarding the process of cleaning the carpet. Here’s a quick look at Carpet Cleaning Myths.

Myth 1 # Carpet cleaning materials are extremely toxic.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

Planning to clean the carpet of your house to give it a new look? You must be worried as you have heard that almost all the carpet cleaning materials are toxic. But wait! This is not entirely true. There are quite a few toxic materials, which are used to prepare carpet cleaners. However, you can also find quite a few environment-friendly materials, which can come in handy to make the carpets look almost as good as a new one.

Myth 2 # Clean the carpet only if a stain occurs.

As the carpets are spread across the floor, the dirt gets collected on it. And as the time passes, it remains on the fibres of the carpet. As a result, the fibres might get removed. The best way to solve this problem is to clean it on a regular basis. Vacuum can helps to remove all of certain debris which is unable to see with the naked eye. So, even if there’s no stain, wash the carpet at least twice a month or vacuum half an hour daily, to ensure that it remains in good condition.

Myth 2 # What’s the use in cleaning early? You will have to clean again anyway!

This is one of the funniest myths around regarding carpet cleaning. It almost lacks logic. And the primary thing is, it is completely untrue. If you do not clean the carpet, the dirt usually gets collected on it. So, whenever you step on the fibre, the dirt gets grounded on the fibres of the carpet. This damages the carpet and is likely to reduce its life to a certain extent. Hence, it is always advisable to clean the carpet on a regular basis, much before the dirt gets the chance to settle permanently on it.

Myth 3 # It’s difficult to restore the perfect looks of the carpet.

No matter how hard you try, it is never possible to do away with all the stains that a carpet develops. Well, this surely is a myth, especially after the introduction of so many instruments and equipment that help in the process of cleaning. Even if the carpet develops a lot of stains and catches dirt, these instruments can help to remove all and make it look as good as a new one.

Myth 4 # Cleaning the carpet can shrink it excessively.

Isn’t this a major problem that might damage your favourite carpet? Well, it is also a major myth that might haunt you. However, it is not extremely common and occurs only if you leave the carpet wet for a long time. So, this problem is easy to avoid if you follow the proper steps.

Myth 5 # Vacuum cleaners can damage your carpets.

This might be true, but there’s more to it. Using vacuum cleaners too much on your carpet can really be harmful for it. But does it mean that you should stop doing it? Wait a moment. Remember, dirt does more harm to the carpet than what your vacuum cleaner does. If you leave the carpet dirty for a long time, its fibres are likely to get damaged. So, it’s always a better idea to clean it with a vacuum cleaner than to leave it dirty for long because prevention is extremely important for home.

The carpet cleaning task is not very easy for all. Carpet seller always instruct how to clean your carpet area. Using inappropriate material cause your carpet damage. So, contact a registered carpet cleaning agent who will advise you how to use them properly.

A well woven carpet is anybody’s prized possession. If you own a carpet, you need to keep it in proper conditions by cleaning it regularly. However, for that, it is necessary to be aware of all the associated myths to go beyond them and keep the possession clean.

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