Easy Ways To Copy Celebrity tight Skinny Jeans Trends For Summer

Pair of Mens Jeans
No matter how great it feels to get the sun on your bare legs after a long winter, there are times when you just long for a comfy pair of jeans. Denim is a staple part of everyone’s wardrobe because it is so easy to wear, but there are some great ways to keep the look on trend and fresh.

Tight Skinny jeans have been around for some time and it seems unlikely this trend is going to disappear any time soon. Plain denim is a classic, of course, but shades of dark blue can be too hot for a sunny day. Thanks to some of the latest designs in skinny jeans, lighter, brighter coloured denim can be substituted for the heavyweight darker shades when the weather gets warmer.

Celebrity Jeans Trends
Many celebrities have latched onto this trend with a vengeance. Who can forget the iconic image of Kate Middleton at the Olympic Flame ceremony last summer, wearing cobalt blue skinny jeans, a polo shirt and trendy wedge sandals? Cobalt blue denim was also the first choice of Kim Kardashian on a recent trip. Womens skinny jeans are the perfect way to capture this prominent celebrity trend.
Coloured denim looks wonderful when teamed with a well-cut dark coloured blazer or boyfriend jacket. Keep the look crisp with a plain white T-shirt or button down shirt. Skinny jeans can flatter most body shapes, but if you want to avoid revealing a muffin-top around the waistband, then keeping the top half well covered is essential. The skinny jean shape emphasises the hips, so if you are curvy, then choosing a longer line top will help to balance the look, giving a more flattering silhouette.
Keep The Top Half Long
Longline tunics are perfect for extending the torso which slims down a fuller figure. They look fantastic over coloured skinny jeans. Floral, scarf print, tropical or paisley patterns give a greater scope for mixing and matching colours. A mini dress or shorter length tea dress in a flowing fabric looks equally stylish and flatters any figure. Kimono shape tops and shrugs are very en vogue right now and are the perfect bedfellow for skinny denim. As with the longline tunic, a floral or paisley pattern will broaden your outfit options. Make sure the top sits below the hips for a slimmed down look.
If you prefer the more classic denim look, a dark wash is extremely stylish and slimming. Wear with a softly draped vest top and longline cardigan or jacket, making sure that the denim has a percentage of lycra or elastane for stretch comfort and a perfect fit.
Heels Or Flats?
Flat shoes or boots tend to widen the lower half of the body when worn with the tight ankle shape that skinny jeans give, so it is wise to pick at least a slight heel. Mid to high rise wedge heels are ideal as they lengthen the leg. Ankle boots are also a great choice of footwear for this trend. Tucking womens skinny jeans into a stylish pair of ankle boots makes for a style-leading weekend look.
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