Enjoy an intense calendar of great events in Dublin this year

If one of your favourite holiday options is a trip to a European city, you will probably be glad to know that one of the hottest destinations in Europe for 2015 is  city in dublin ireland: this year the events’ programme in the city is incredibly rich and intense.

Let’s start with a very original initiative.

Throughout the year, the capital of Ireland is hosting a very important event, the so-called Gathering Ireland, an tourism-related project whose aim is to bring back home thousands of Irish emigrants living abroad. It is the occasion to experience the genuine local tradition through a large number of activities such as festivals, sports events, music gigs and clan gathering.

Dublin is not the only city involved, being the Gathering a huge celebration that takes place all across the country, all year long.Check out the festival programme to keep updated.

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One of the most awaited of events is taking place in August, precisely between Wednesday the 7th and Sunday the 11th: theDublin Horse Show, a real institution for the city. It is a huge exhibition dedicated to the best national and international equestrian shows and competitions. Irish people are particularly fond of this show as it is an opportunity for them to celebrate the deep love they feel for this noble animal, the horse.
It is also the chance to appreciate (or not) the extravagant hats worn by women attending the event: although the attention is totally focused on horse races, we cannot deny that for the women the completion among themselves is really burning.

If you are a fan of Viking history and tradition, you will be glad to know that, between August 3rd and 5th, the Vikings are back inDublinia for a three-day celebration of great fun.
Perhaps not everybody knows what Dublinia is.
Dublinia is an important location, right in the hearth of Dublin, where people have the unique chance to experience life once upon a time during the period of the Vikings.
In particular, during this specific event, you can attend engaging demonstrations of Scandinavian folk wrestling, the so-called Glima, and hear fascinating stories about the mighty Viking chieftains or about the sea-adventures of Viking merchants.

Dublin is also famous for its music vocation and the month of August is one the best periods to enjoy the numerous music festivals that are taking place in the city. First of all, the Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival at the Button Factory between August 16th and 18th. The event, which is totally free, will host not only great performers from all different musical genres (from rock and roll to folk, from rockabilly to blues), but lots of workshops too, including dancing classes..

In alternative, if you appreciate classic music, do not miss the International Piano Festival (1st-9th August).

Again, if you love the combination between music and sports, then write down this important date: August 5th, the day of theRock’n’Roll Dublin Half Marathon: great live music is guaranteed every mile!

Later in the year, tourists can visit the Flavours of Fingal County Show, a two-day agricultural festival related with local typical food. Here is the programme.

Another important event will take place between September 26th and October 13th, when Dublin is going to host the Dublin Theatre Festival, overall an 18-day celebration of the best Irish and international theatre. Download the programme if you like.

There surely won’t be any problems to find a hotel in Dublin: the city provides a large assortment of accommodation suitable for any budget needs, from convenient boarding houses and B&Bs to modest hotels located in the most trendy districts up to luxury suites for the very demanding visitors.

The coming months are indeed very intense for the city and surely will register a high number of visitors.

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