Fixes for five common toilet problems as fixing toilet water supply valve

The toilet can often be affected by numerous problems. Here are common problems that plague toilets and steps you can take to fixing toilet water supply valve.
Water trickles into the bowl
fix five common toilet problems
If you toilet tank is refilling by itself or if it runs intermittently, you have a problem that plumbers call phantom flush. The problem can be usually traced to a flapper seat or a bad flapper. What you should do is drain the toilet tank and the bowl, check the flapper, and replace it if it is damaged or worn out.
The bowl doesnt empty quickly
When the bowl empties slowly, you have a problem called a weak flush. When the holes underneath the rim of the bowl are clogged, the water cannot flow quickly.
You can use a curved wire to poke the holes and clear them off debris. You can use a mirror to help you look under the rim if you dont know where the holes are located.

The toilet is clogged
A clogged drain is a very common problem. You can use a plunger with a force cup to clean minor clogs. Put the bulb of the plunger into the drain and pump it. Next, release the handle slowly and let a little water go in to see if youve cleared the drain.
Leaking seals
The standard toilet will come with at least five seals. Each of them can potentially leak. You have to identify the seal that is leaking and either tighten it or replace it. If you are going to replace a seal, you will probably have to empty the tank off water.
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