Conflict Resolutions

Conflict Resolutions

There are many different types of lawyers that can specialize in many different fields. They require a license after three years in law school. Some attorneys can help you in specific areas such as criminal law, company law, Tort Law, and contract law. Dispute lawyers assist businesses or parties that are in conflict with each other. A procedure is usually constructed to handle the conflict in the best way possible. The outcome is supposed to allow both parties to have a fair and equal outcome; if possible. These specific kinds of lawyers advise their colleagues or clients to avoid negative outcomes for future disputes as well.

Domestic violence cases may require a dispute lawyer. An attorney will be able to dispute the claims by letting the victim know their rights within the law. An abuser often uses children as leverage over the victim. Sometimes, children are used to send messages to the victim. The victim will usually do whatever the abuser says because they fear harm will come to the children. An attorney should become involved when signs of abuse are present. If someone is interested in getting a license as an attorney, then one must be interested in digging up facts. Attorneys can help with restraining orders and try to take custody away from the abusive parent. When divorced couples have visitation rights in place, they can easily spend an equal amount of time with the kids.

Control can be tricky especially in family households. Economic abuse comes into play when you do not allow someone to have access to family incomes. It is important to talk to your attorney about any signs of abuse before the process of the divorce. Your lawyer will then uncover the proof needed to be presented in court. Some abuse is shown when the victim is dependant on the abuser. That person has to ask the breadwinner for money. This gives power to the abuser because the victim is dependant on the abuser. As a lawyer, you cannot be afraid of confrontation with the opposing side. Both sides will present arguments, so if you are gullible and easily persuaded then a career as a licensed dispute lawyer is not for you. Keeping someone dependent on you exudes power over that person. Male privilege also has a role in society and inside the household. If she is treated like a maid to the ‘master’ then that is a sign of abuse. Not allowing a relationship to be equal is also manipulative. One person making all the big decisions is economic abuse.

Domestic abuse is filed under criminal law, especially if all the proof is present in front of the judge. Another sign of abuse is isolating the victim from the outside world. Controlling who someone talks to and hangs around with is abuse. If someone limits contact with friends and family members, the abuser has power over them. Limitations on when you can go out and setting a curfew give power over the victim. Inside the home, keeping that person from reading or knowing what’s happening out in the world is also keeping that person in the dark.

A current issue with dealing with these cases is going through documents. Proof has to be taken in as evidence, an attorney will contact witnesses’ for testimony. Along with the client and witness’ providing testimonies, lawyers must also sift through records to find ‘dirt’ on the other client to present in court. As stated previously, the biggest current problem is processing paper trails including emails and files on other clients.

Not all cases result in divorces, some businesses only need a mediator. Attorneys can provide a well-thought-out plan to appease both sides. Statistically, a lot of business partnerships fail because they only see the goal of making money. A business partnership has similar values to an individual partnership. Some businesses start out by having a certain vision or end goal. This means going through the motions of loss and profit. A company culture consisting of constant altercations and disputes may require a mediator. A lawyer will then advise them on state laws that the partners may not agree with. The lawyer will instruct them on their options to either part ways or deal with the problems the company is facing as a team.

Partnerships also have a way that they pay income taxes as well. Actually, the partnership business will not pay income taxes. The way it works is how it is based on their share profits for the current year. They file a form with the IRS from the income or loss on their personal income tax form. The dispute lawyer will tell you to check with the secretary of the state to register your partnership officially.

A partnership can be very beneficial to a business. Sometimes it is not two people, it could be hundreds or thousands working together in the corporate world. The same goes on a more diplomatic level. Think of the United Nations as an example. There are one hundred and ninety-three countries. Fifty-two of them are apart of the United Nations Imagine all of them working together as a partnership or an intergovernmental organization. Like a partnership, they have representations of each country to discuss politics and strategies that affect the whole world. When there are disagreements, votes require a two-thirds majority on budgets and other decisions on topics like peace.

Some clients may have a dispute against their own lawyer. Many disputes between clients and their lawyers are often a misunderstanding. Remember to always discuss any grievances to resolve any misunderstanding. If there is a problem regarding your bill, then you have to call them as soon as possible to correct the mistake. Your attorney is licensed to fix mistakes, so they will be happy to correct anything wrong on their half. Dispute lawyers will do everything they can to ensure you and your business partners are on the same page.