6 Tips for Buying the Right Party Costume

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 Buying the Right Party Costume


Are you ready to get down and party? Buying the right party costume for a festive affair can turn a lame get together into a swinging celebration. Choose a costume which complements your physique to work the party with confidence by below costume party ideas.

Buying the Right Party Costume

Unless you like to live life on the wild side do a safety check before making your purchase. Make sure that your costume will not go up in flames if you happen to accidently brush up against a candle. Dance and jog a little bit in your costume to give it a trial run. Even though you might be sitting or standing for most of the night it feels nice to know you can move around without feeling uncomfortable.

Pick the Right Size

Whether you are choosing plus size  halloween costumes or diminutive little numbers know your measurements to pick the right costume size. For example, men’s costumes might correspond to their jacket size while women’s outfits might be based on their dress size.Finding the right party costume might include taking a trip to the tailor or dressmaker if you need to have your measurements taken.


Add Accessories

Instead of buying multiple costumes for different events consider adding accessories like masks, gloves or hats to your presentation. Switching up your look with a few different add-ons can spice up your outfit while saving you money.

Make an Early Purchase

Do not wait until a few days before your party to choose an outfit.Why run the risk of your favorite costume being sold out? Make an early purchase to ensure you choose the right size and style of outfit. Physically trying on and moving around in a costume might provide you with a different experience versus visualizing yourself in the same outfit.

Choose Safe Costumes

Make sure that your costume is made of flame-retardant fabrics to avoid any party time accidents. Check masks to ensure that you can see and breathe properly while moving around in your suit. Cut larger slits for your eyes, nose and mouth to see and breathe with comfort. Doing a safety check before making your purchase can save you a trip to the hospital.

Try on Make Up before the Big Day

Do a makeup dry run before your festivities by trying on your war paint before the party. Buy a sufficient amount of make up for two separate applications. Try on your face paint a week or so before the get together to test it out. Choose hypoallergenic makeup to avoid irritating your skin.

Think Climate

Depending on your location you might need to plan ahead for different weather. Buy a climate appropriate costume to fully enjoy your party experience. Purchasing a summer suit to wear in late fall can lead to a miserable night and head cold. Think ahead to make a smart, comfortable buy.

About the Author: Ryan Biddulph is a blogger who enjoys sharing tips to help you buy the right party costume.

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