Design Ideas for a Spectacular Attic Bathroom

Most of us want to make the best use of our attic or loft if we haven’t done so already, with the majority of us opting to use this extra space for a spare bedroom to up the resale value of our homes, despite the fact that we don’t really have the need for an extra bedroom.

Though it does make financial sense to go down the extra bedroom route from a resale point of view, if you don’t plan on ever moving out of your home, and therefore want it to best reflect you and your wants and needs, rather than the wants and needs of mainstream buyers, you may want to consider turning this extra space into another bathroom, as two (or three) bathrooms are always more convenient than one, and it can even turn into your master bathroom if you have enough space.

There are a number of issues you’re going to need to think about when coming up with design ideas for an attic bathroom; none more so than where you’re going to find a quality plumber and conversion company to undertake the project for you.

Once the conversion’s complete you’ll want your plumber to give you a brief overview of how to handle simple plumbing emergencies yourself, but before then you’ll want them on call at all times to help move the necessary pipes to make your dream attic bathroom a reality… and with design ideas like the following to take inspiration from, it’s no wonder you want to hurry your attic conversion along:

Farmhouse Feel

Depending on how old your house is, it may already have somewhat of a rustic vibe about the place, a vibe which is continued on into your Attic, making a rustic farmhouse design in your attic bathroom not only possible, but easier than most other conversion designs.

Farmhouse design inspiration varies a wide range of specific forms, many of which have been looked at in this BBC article. You’ll have to choose the form that speaks most to you, as well as the design of the rest of your home, something which allows you to add in your own spark and creativity while at the same time working within a set theme your conversion team can understand.

Attic Ensuite

If you do decide to go the traditional route by installing a bedroom in your attic, rather than turning the whole space into one oversized bedroom, why not take a third of the space and convert it into an attic ensuite, so your lucky guests can sleep and bathe on the same floor?

This is a lot less difficult than you may imagine, and you’ll be able to work with the same individuals who piece together your new attic bedroom in order to place a bathroom on the side of it so long as they also have qualified plumbers on board. When searching for a team capable of performing conversions in Bristol, seek out online recommendations first and foremost. These recommendations are worth their weight in gold, and will save you a lot of time and effort later down the line.

Exposed Beams

Not dissimilar to the farmhouse style, if you have exposed beams in your attic you’d do well to keep them there, rather than painting over them, as this can create a wonderful rustic style that looks good whether you’re just nipping up to your new bathroom for a moment, or you plan on spending the next hour soaking in the bath.

Though most people who already have ceiling beams in their attic choose to have them treated and kept exposed (in their natural colour), there are a number of ways your conversion team can treat exposed beams so to fit in with your particular tastes.

Freestanding Bath

Freestanding baths aren’t for everybody, but if it’s always been a dream of yours to have one then you won’t find a better opportunity than when converting your attic into a bathroom.

There are a number of ways you may wish to use a freestanding bath in your new bathroom in order to get the most out of the room, namely:

• If your ceiling is only high in the centre of the attic, you could place your freestanding bath in the centre alongside a shower attachment.

• If you have an attic window you could place your bath beside that, though you’d have to place a shower cubicle in a more central location, if you need one.

Spa Influenced

More favourited among women (or at least, homes in which the women wear the trousers), if you have a big enough attic you’ll be able to give the space the full spa treatment, creating almost an entire wet room to be enjoyed by the ladies and men of the house alike.

In this scenario you’d need to have your conversion team work hard to ensure the whole attic space is made safe and waterproof before any building can commence.

In conclusion, most of us want to make the best use of our attic or loft if we haven’t done so already, with the majority of us opting to use this extra space for a spare bedroom. If you don’t plan on ever moving from your home, you may instead wish to have a bathroom converted into your attic, as there are a range of styles and designs for you to work from.

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