Why Sell Your Diamonds in Diamond District New York?

jewelry stores new york city diamond district

Sell Your Diamonds in Diamond District New York

When you decide to sell your diamonds, that’s if you have any of course, you want to go to the location that handles more transactions than any other area in the U.S. The Diamond District  New York City deals with a half-billion dollars per day in diamond transactions. It is an awesome figure and means that over 90% of all diamonds that enter the country go through this upscale district.

The professionals you’ll find working in this location will be able to authenticate the value of your diamonds. Diamonds are a sought after investment commodity as well as being sought after for jewelry making. The company you choose has a team of professionals all of whom are tasked with ensuring you get the best price. After all, life changes, and you may want to invest your money in another strategy to reap the benefits that you need for the next stage in your life.

jewelry stores new york city diamond district

  • The business with which you partner here will have a global network. Because of the popularity of gems in this district, collectors the world over know that the best diamonds come into this area for sale. If you work with a trusted and respected company, their global network will enable them to offer you a higher price for your diamonds. They’ll already have their own clients just waiting for the right gem to be placed into their inventory. If yours fits the bill they will know they will be able to make a quick turnaround, rather than have the item sitting in their inventory.


  • The level of professionalism in the Diamond District is exceptional. The companies in this location are well-versed in fine jewelry and can recognize good value when they see it. Each company will have invested heavily in modern technology. They will have the most up to date of equipment present in their store to ascertain the value of your piece. Their valuation is based on the combination of experience, technology and good judgment of fine stones. They will understand the value of the four Cs of your diamonds and can explain exactly what you have with authority.


  • The four Cs explained (briefly). The four Cs are basically the cut of the diamond, the clarity of the stone in its cut form, the color of the stone and the carat weight. There is little enough room here to expand on these four elements, but your chosen diamond merchant will be able to explain in great detail. He or she will probably be able to show you the clarity of the stone as well as determine the color based on one of their charts.


  • The proper certifications will be provided, and payment will be made to you immediately. A reputable company will be able to ascertain the quality of your diamonds, explain the valuation to you, and provide you with payment immediately if you decide to accept their offer. You can either choose a company check or have the payment deposited directly into your account so that the transaction is seamless and hassle-free. You walk in with diamonds and walk out with ‘cash on the hip’; it really is that simple.


  • Businesses in the Diamond District will respect your privacy. You want to sell your diamonds with safety and security at the forefront of your transaction. A reliable and professional company will take you into a private area to provide a consultation, evaluation, and payment for your diamonds. This will provide you with peace of mind as well as confidence in the entire transaction process.

If you decide that you want to sell your loose diamonds or your special collections, you must consider diamond buyers in New York who will work to make the sale of your diamonds an easy and profitable experience. Take time to do your research before you go so that you can find a company that is trusted, respected, and experienced – one that can meet all of your individual needs. A visit to New York’s Diamond District can be a worthwhile venture, placing your diamonds in the hands of a trusted professional and very quickly receiving the money from the sale in to your bank account.


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