Distinguishing Features of Swiss Hospitality Institutions

Features of Swiss Hospitality Institutions

Features of Swiss Hospitality Institutions

The Swiss are well known all over the world for their hospitality. They offer world-class facilities and this can also be seen in their education system. They have taken it upon themselves to offer the best degree courses in hospitality and in hotel management. The Swiss colleges have the following characteristics that distinguish them from the rest in the world. The main differentiating features include:

Birthplace of Hospitality
There are different colleges open in different parts of the world for hospitality but Switzerland has earned the desirable distinction as a world leader in the field of hospitality by investing time, money and resources in education. The foundation Switzerland’s robust economy lies in strong education system. The country is the birthplace of hospitality leaders, well known hoteliers as well as some of the best business management minds.

Cultural diversity

Features of Swiss Hospitality Institutions
Swiss colleges across different continents boast of a high number of students from different parts of the world. All the students are from different social and economic backgrounds. As evidenced by its multicultural diversity German, French, Italian and Switzerland do well to promote a global perspective among its inhabitants. As a result of the multicultural diversity, students learn skills from different people with different perspectives from theirs. There is also a better understanding of different moral, ethical, environmental and political issues, leading to better problem solving. Basically, the interactions open up minds of students giving them a better world view.

Hospitality hub
Even with colleges open up in different parts of the world to teach hospitality and hotel management, there is a common denominator; Switzerland’s remarkable hospitality. Exposure to the Swiss education curriculum makes it different from different schools applying differentiated curriculum.

Geographical location
Colleges offering the Swiss hospitality courses are located in strategic geographical locations rich in beauty and history. Switzerland, for example, is a dream destination for travellers. India. The schools are away from busy noisy towns, giving students the right environment to study. This has been shown to help in learning. During semester break, you can travel from Switzerland to many other European countries, including Germany, France, and Italy etc. You can experience the beauty of major European cities such as London, Paris etc. without spending a lot on travelling.

As a student in one of Swiss hospitality courses, you will learn valuable courses that are highly desirable in the job market. Once you graduate with bachelors in hotel Management Switzerland or bachelors in business administration in hospitality management, you will be ready for a job in an executive position or even start your entrepreneurial journey.

High employment rates
A high number of graduates from the colleges get jobs before graduating or soon after graduating. This is attributed to the thorough training that you receive as a student. You also get many industrial exposures as a result of the mandatory internships and company visits.
You can also find students picked by companies directly from the colleges, therefore contributing to the high employment rates.

Global accreditation
If you study in any of these schools, you can be assured of graduating as a cream of the crop with the institutions being ranked the best internationally. You would want to be associated with a renowned institution. Because of this, even the school administrators ensure that they are consistently offering the best.

Learning resources
To enrich students with the right knowledge about their relevant fields of study, Switzerland’s hospitality colleges have libraries and classrooms equipped with all the necessary information they need. You will also get to train at the school because of the state-of-the-art facilities used for practical’s. Such exposure makes you ready for any work you get or allocated tasks.

Computer labs are also well stocked to keep you informed on the latest developments relevant to you field. Information is power that you can use in the job market.

In conclusion, institutions of higher learning try different techniques to be differentiated from all the others. One is being specific. Offering courses in one line of application or fitted gives motivation to get the best resources and offer the best of that which you intend to offer. This is the strategy used by Swiss hospitality institutions, ensuring their success in the field they are well-known for.

Exceptional Quality
While studying or working in Switzerland you are exposed to an exceptional quality of life. The country offers an extremely safe and friendly environment to international students and its inhabitants alike.

Distinguished global reputations in hospitality, safe, innovative learning environment and comparatively higher salaries are just some of the benefits of studying and working in Switzerland.

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Andrew Thompson is an education analyst for the global hospitality industry. He is part of the team of curriculum reviewers. His contributions to the education sector can be seen in www.switzerhospitality.com.

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