8 Top defensive driving tips for teens to avoid road hazards

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New  Top defensive driving tips-

Driving is a challenging business. If you have been driving on the roads, you know that not every driver drives well. Some people drive aggressively while others, who are not well-versed in driving, keep wandering into other lanes. Drivers may follow you very closely on busy roads, make sudden turns without any signals, or rashly weave in and out of road traffic. Teenagers are usually amateur drivers and as such may be unaware of defensive driving techniques, so it is beneficial for them to learn and practice defensive driving techniques for tackling tricky situations in a safe way. By becoming a defensive driver, you can easily avoid crashes and help lower risks of possible road hazards.

Top defensive driving tips

Learning defensive driving at a good traffic school can prove worthy for teens to avoid traffic tickets. They can become more cautious, yet ready to take the right actions at right moment and not let other drivers decide their fate. Some of the useful defensive driving tips that help teens to reduce the risk of road accidents and traffic violations are as follows.

1. Care for your safety while driving: Avoid inattentive and aggressive driving tendencies. Doing so, you will find yourself in a stronger position to tackle other drivers’ bad driving skills when driving on the same road. Ensure that you leave ample space between you and the car in front of you. Make sure that you lock the car’s doors properly and wear your seatbelt to protect yourself from being thrown out of the car in case of a crash.

2. Be cautious of your surroundings: Pay attention to your surroundings and be aware of what’s going on around you while driving. Check the side mirrors frequently and use your eyes to track movement on all sides of your vehicle. If at any time you feel inclined to drive aggressively, try to slow down to avoid it. If your adjacent driver is driving dangerously, try to get off the roadway either by moving right or by taking the next exit, if it is safer. At the same time, keep an eye open for bicyclists, pedestrians, and animals walking by the road or crossing to the other side.

3. Stay focused: You need to concentrate while driving as there are many things to keep track of such as your speed and position, signs and signals, road conditions, obeying the traffic laws, following right directions, checking your mirrors, being aware of the cars moving around you, and several other essential things. You can’t afford to add to this list with other thoughts that may break your concentration or distract you. Efficient schools like DMV approved traffic school guide you online on how to focus on driving in a better way.

4. Avoid distractions: Distractions like eating or talking on your mobile phone while driving, make you, as a driver, vulnerable to potential road hazards. Teen drivers are habitually distracted and at times they may become overconfident about their driving abilities and imagine that they can handle these distractions without it affecting their driving skills. Renowned driving schools like the traffic school in California strongly recommend teen drivers to avoid any possible distractions and concentrate solely on their driving.

5. Never depend on other drivers: Be considerate of the other vehicles surrounding you on the road but don’t assume the other drivers will return the favor and let you proceed safely. On the road any driver may run through a red light or stop sign with no regard to others safety. Plan your driving movements by anticipating the worst possible scenario.

6. Opt for an escape route: The best technique to avoid potential road hazards, in any driving situation, is to position your vehicle where it has the best chance of viewing traffic and being viewed by traffic. At times, you must choose an alternate path to proceed is while driving so that travelers on the road remain safe. Consider the position of other vehicles when determining this alternate traveling path and always try to leave plenty of space around your vehicle for safe movement, if your immediate path of travel gets suddenly blocked. Experts at traffic school in California can teach you good techniques to driving safely, even on busy roads.

7. Maintain an optimum speed: Teens have a habit of speeding to get to a destination quicker and that can be the cause of multiple traffic tickets. It’s better to maintain a constant speed, just below the speed limit, and be prepared to slow down whenever the need be. The posted speed limits are applicable at all times so ensure your speed matches the conditions. High speeds make it difficult for you to control your vehicle in accordance with the traffic conditions. Look for the online traffic school in California to learn more about speed limits and controlling your driving speed in all possible conditions.

8. Manage a risk one at a time: You may come across a situation where you need to handle multiple risks. In such situations, it is best to manage one risk at a time. You should avoid handling more than one risk simultaneously. Guidance of DMV approved traffic school online can prove worthy for smartly handling each possible risk in the correct manner.

By learning and practicing all these defensive driving techniques, you are sure to become a safe, knowledgeable and confident driver with a clean and clear driving record.

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