What Do You Know About Electronic Cigarettes? E cigarettes reviews

E cigarettes reviews-Electronic cigarettes (shortly e-cigs) were launched on the USA market in 2007 as a nicotine product to alternate tobacco cigarettes. As to the shape of e-cigs, it is absolutely similar to ordinary cigarettes but the main and important difference is hidden inside. Main difference is that e-cigs do not contain tobacco. What do they contain? How do they work? E-cigs do have a unique device which heats liquid nicotine and turns it into a vapor that smokers do inhale.

electronic cigarettes reviews

Manufacturers and people who already tried them, claim that e-cigarettes have some advantages over regular tobacco cigarettes. However, health care organizations say not to hurry with conclusions about their advantages as they are not studied completely. It is important to examine possible side effects of inhaling nicotine vapor and how it works not only on smokers but on people near them too. Many are against e-cigs because they are not sure they are safe and say that all necessary studies must be made. But until then smoking them must be prohbited in public places.

Electronic cigarettes contain no tobacco and according to American laws a man may easily buy them (even online) without proving his age. This fact may have negative effects on the society because teenagers may easily buy these cigarettes and become addicted to nicotine.

The manufacturers say electronic cigarettes may be smoked everywhere because they are safe, but health experts say there must be established restrictions on using them until necessary studies are made. Many smokers choose e-cigarettes because they think they are safer than tobacco ones and are cheaper. Besides this, people believe they would help them to quit smoking.

E-cigs have the shape of real cigarettes with only one difference — they no need a lighter or a match to light them because they have a battery, vaporization chamber and a cartridge with liquid nicotine. You smoke them just like regular cigarettes and while smoking the liquid nicotine in the device is heated and turned into nicotine-filled vapor which you inhale. Another difference is the absence of smell while smoking and this is because nothing is burning.

Many experts challenge about safety of electonic cigarettes. Today this market has greatly grown in the USA and there are a lot of companies who produce them and they say nothing about their effects on human body. They sell e-cigs saying it is a perfect alternative to tobacco. However, experienced smokers who love taste of tobacco say they will never refuse from their favorite regular cigarettes brands and will continue to buy cigarettes they got used to.

The FDA says that there were not studied yet how inhaling pure nicotine may affect human body and therefore it is too early to speak about their safety. Besides this, FDA is preoccupied with quality control claiming that manufacturers hide all ingredients they use in e-cigarettes and the amount of nicotine indicated on label may differ from real amounts. When the talk is about tobacco cigarettes, here the quality is controlled very strict and seriously.

As to nicotine, electronic cigarette has the same amount of it like tobacco cigarettes do, or even more. The amount of nicotine in e-cigarettes depends on the liquid-nicotine cartridge it has. To the customers are available a number of different strengths and they may choose a milder or a stronger one. Generally, it may be similar to the amount of nicotine in tobacco cigarettes or be closer to it. On the market there do exist e-cigarettes which contain liquid without nicotine specially for users who lead a healthy lifestyle. It means that you will not get into nicotine dependence.

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