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If you are planning to do organize a charity easy fundraising event, there are many options of activities that you can choose from. These activities may be sports related or might even be entertainment related. The idea is to attract as many participants possible to create awareness about the cause and getting donation from them for the cause will be considered a bonus. Having a walk for a cause is very interesting and educational in nature. It helps to spread awareness from the start to its end. People, who miss the notification of a walk being held for a cause, stop and ask for its nature and so the word spreads around and that is exactly what the walk for a cause is.

If you are planning to organize a easy fundraising walkathon, here are few things to get you started:

For a walkathon the things to keep in mind is advance planning. Things to decide very early are:

  • Cause for the walk.
  • Budget in hand.
  • Getting sponsors.
  • Advertisement and spreading the word.
  • Date of the event to be held.

Do not forget scheduling a test run of the walk for cause, this not only helps in making sure about the arrangements you have made of any short comings but also acts as advertisement for the walk to be held.

Cause for a Walk

Get in touch with a local charity organization if you do not have anything in mind already. Get them on the page for the area you want to create awareness for. Ask their assistance for the informative material to be distributed among the participants. It will be a good idea to get a member of the board of directors from the charity organization into your committee, to avoid any delays in decision makings. Make all the members give suggestion as how to create awareness about the cause before, during and after the walkathon. The idea is to bring in knowledge of masses what your cause is. Creating awareness among masses ensure the donor recruitment. Cause that is welcomed, is based on the information one provides to establish the fact that working for that cause is important and can have major impact on society as a whole.

Budget to arrange the walk/Sponsors

Cause for a walk may require a bit of money since the area over which walk might take place will be quite long. The idea is to get different sponsors for every sectors of the event. First thing to do is to finalize the amount that will be needed for the arrangements. This amount will include:

  • Advertisement cost
  • Printing of informative material
  • Banners along the way
  • Deployment of paramedic staff all around the track
  • Media coverage of the event

Once you have decided the final amount, reach out to major sponsors with the idea and ask for donations. Go one by one, if one turns you down then go to the next. Do not in any circumstances contact many at one time. You may also want to contact sponsors for donation per mile or meters. It is a common practice by sponsors to give donation by the area covered by all participants. This gesture brings a lot of enthusiasm among the contestants and they try their best to cover as much area as possible.

Creating and event requires a charity or a fundraising organization to have enough support from different corners of society. Walk a cause is no easy thing to arrange. The amount of volunteers that will be required for arranging a walk a cause is huge. The reason is that all along the way presence of volunteers to show the way and encourage and bucking up the participants is very important. The medical staff is another factor that one must not forget. Injuries incurred during these walks because of a slip or ankle twist require timely attention.

Like mentioned before, when everything is finalized, arrange a test run. Invite people to get together and test run it so that more awareness spreads about the event taking place. This will ensure high turn outs on the event day.


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