Eight Tips for Buying Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets Online

Buying bed sheets online is not a tough job. You need to keep in mind a few factors to find Egyptian cotton queen bed sheets online. It is vital to understand some basics related to fabric, dimensions, quality, design, weave and thread count. Bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton have long been known for giving luxury, quality and comfort. With a stylish drape quality and superior feel, it is the great fabric for linen that needs to be both durable and solid whilst also being soft and elegant.

Considering the given few factors can help in making the best choice when buying bed sheets online. Here are a few points to keep in mind while buying Egyptian cotton bed sheets online:

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Check Material and Quality:

It is very important to select high-quality material when you find Egyptian cotton queen bed sheets online. The kind of fabric used really affects comfort. The blend and the mix of the fabric define the texture. Many fabric types like pure cotton bed sheets are delightfully soft and breathable, and easy-care cotton is long-lasting soft varieties that need no ironing. Egyptian cotton is a superiorly soft and fine variety with high thread counts.

In addition to material, bear in mind the different finishes available with Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet sets. You can choose sateen for a silky finish or pinpoint for a soft feel as well as standard and Percale bedding. Some fabrics are treated for minimum or no ironing, and because Egyptian cotton is so absorbent, it is good for dyeing, offering you plenty of color choice. It is the absorbency and durability of Egyptian cotton that makes it a preferred choice for many. They are plush, light and very luxurious.

Thread count:

Bed sheets that show higher thread is known to be the best ones, but that’s not always necessary. When you buy a bedsheet, make sure the thread count is between 300 and 500. Apart from that, anything that falls between those particular amounts is also a suitable option. Don’t always look for bed sheets with a thread count of 500 or higher; you can also go for thread counts of 150 to 300, which will provide you with a comfortable experience.

Choose the Right Size:

All bed sheets come in different sizes. The time you place your order online, make sure to take the correct measurement of your bed, as it will help you receive a bedsheet of the right size.

It is essential to check the size chart before placing the bed sheet into the cart. The dimensions are the primary differentiating factor in bed sheets. It will be a wastage of money without pre-deciding the measurements of the bedsheet matching the mattress. All online stores provide a size chart, and one should devotedly go through the specifications before selecting a perfect fitting bedsheet matching the mattress size.

Opt for the Right Color:

The color of the bed sheet plays a crucial role in determining the ambiance of the bedroom. If you have bright curtains in your bedroom, then purchase bright colored bed sheets online to go well with the curtains. By doing so, your bedroom will look well-decorated and appealing.

Look for Return Policy:

Never buy a product from an online store that does not have an easy return policy. On certain occasions, you will find a vast difference between the bed sheets’ real and online images. If such situations take place, then you can exchange or return the bed sheet with no issues. That is why, before buying bed sheets online, always ensure to check the exchange and return policy of the online store.

Consider Price:

The most significant benefit of online shopping is that you can go through various types of deals, websites, and discounts. This will help you choose the right price that matches your budget. Go through different sites and take a look at the price range of the bed sheets. Try to use coupons or discount codes to reduce the price and save money.

Go for Seasonal Sheets:

You can go for seasonal sheets if you like to change your bed sheets now and then. But the number of sheets you need will be totally up to you and how many times you change it. But it will be the right choice too if you buy a bed sheet that will look beautiful all year round.

Be Aware of Egyptian cotton:

Egyptian cotton is known to be a luxurious material for bed sheets. But you need to be extra careful because not all online stores will provide you with bed sheets made from original Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is grown in Egypt under specific climatic conditions, and they are carefully combed and washed, which makes them durable and extra soft. If you are buying bed sheets made from Egyptian cotton, make sure to check the product well and go through the product description before buying it.

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