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With the recent victories of British female cyclists women’s cycling has firmly established itself. Many women enjoy cycling whether it is for fun, to commute or to compete. However, cycle clothing for women seems to have lagged behind men’s. Enduras cycle wear collection is a welcome exception.
Looking good on a bike
Endura Cycling Clothing
One of my male friends, who is a passionate cyclist and otherwise rather unassuming, told me once that part of what he likes about cycling is the dressing up! Where else could one wear tightly fitting clothing in loud and garish colours as a straight male of a certain age without looking foolish? Unfortunately cycle clothing is often not very flattering to females. The tightly fitting lycra easily sets off one’s neurosis about the extra pounds or the missing curves depending on individual preference. And with padded cycling shorts in blindingly bright colours the question of whether one’s behind looks big in this takes on a completely new dimension.
Women’s need for cycling fashion
No wonder women agonise about what to wear when cycling. However, part of enjoying cycling as a sport and feeling confident in one’s physical abilities is also about feeling comfortable in one’s skin and neon coloured jerseys and jackets on a bike. Many women would benefit from starting to cycle. Looking good on your bike will certainly help with motivation.
A dedicated women’s collection
There are many manufacturers of generic and often male cycling clothing, but Endura cycling clothing stands out with respect to their garments for women. Their bespoke collection for women offers a wide range of choices from ultra-sporty to disguised commuter and relaxed leisure wear. All of their fabrics are easy to wash and hard wearing. Colours for different items range from black and muted greys to bright high visibility clothing making it easy for each individual to choose how much they want to stand out. However, functionality has not been sacrificed for design and women can expect Endura’s garments to be as high performing as men’s. Finally, prices for Endura’s items stay within the average range, which means it won’t break the bank to buy an extra jersey just because one likes the colour.
Supporting cycling
As a company Endura is doing a lot to support the sport of cycling. Their sponsorship of many sports people has been long standing both in the racing world and in mountain biking. Its Braveheart Cycling Fund is aimed at supporting young Scottish riders to be able to compete nationally and internationally. However, Endura needs to do more to support female cycling athletes and thereby win more female customers to their brand.
To get more women cycling the sport needs to become an activity that women are comfortable with. In a world that teaches women to be ever self-conscious about their looks, feeling comfortable with cycling also includes looking good on a bicycle. Endura cycling clothing with its dedicated female collection makes high performance but fashionable cycling wear available to women at an affordable price.
Jenny Davies is a blogger, freelance journalist and active cyclist. Despite all this she still likes to look chic wherever she goes. For more information on cycling fashion click on this page and increase your aspirations for looking fashionable on your bike.

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