Everything You Need to Know About Rudraksha Beads

Rudraksha is obtained from the dried seeds of a tree located in various parts of South East Asia. There are many legends attached to its origin. Even the name Rudraksha is derived from “Rudra,” meaning Shiva, and “Aksha” which means tears.

Before you buy Rudraksha Beads Online, you must understand what it means and its spiritual importance.

Benefits of wearing a Rudraksha

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Have you ever noticed how in some places you are able to sleep like child, while in others you struggle to get a shut eye? This happens even when you are immensely tired and still not able to sleep with ease. This usually happens when the energy around you is not conducive that prevents you from powering down. This is where Rudraksha beads play a huge role.

It is recommended for people who move around a lot and sleep in all kinds of places. It envelops you in its positive energy and makes you feel good about your immediate environment.

If you are someone who is travels a lot for work and business, then Rudraksha beads help you verify the food and water for its quality. When you hold the beads above the water, it will rotate clockwise if it is drinkable. Similarly, the food too can be checked for quality by placing the beads on top of it. When you hold the Rudraksha beads on top of negative substances, it starts rotating anticlockwise.

Additionally, it is also helpful in maintaining good mental as well as physical health. Many people also buy these beads online for spiritual their growth. Its healing properties help them overcome psychosomatic and mental illnesses.

Not many people know this Rudraksha is also being used in astrology to remove destructive planetary effects. All the nine planets and their constellations are in some way related to Rudraksha. Therefore, you can wear these multifaceted Rudraksha in multiple discipline to ward off negative energies.

Another famous Rudraksha application lies in Ayurveda. It helps strengthen the body by removing impurities and nourishing the body. It also helps remove bacteria outside the human body by eliminating problems like cough, paralysis, headache, and heart disease.

Tips to choose Rudraksha beads

Look at smaller beads: when looking to buy Rudraksha beads, you must always try to choose small ones. They are often not plucked from the tree but naturally fall down once they are ripe. Since they are harder to obtain, they also cost more.

Shop from a reliable seller: It is very important to buy your beads from a reputed seller. Many stores promise to sell authentic beads at exorbitant prices. However, they are neither priced accurately nor genuine. But when you buy from a well-known seller with a reputation, you can rest assured that your Rudraksha beads have the right amount of positive energy to do its job.

Pay attention to your intuition: One way to choose the perfect set of Rudraksha beads is to allow your intuition to guide you. Your gut feeling will tell you if what you are holding in your hands is indeed as powerful as they claim it to be. Since your inner voice is the guiding force in this case, it can be trusted easily. The best way to tap into your intuition is to see which beads you are drawn to. Anything that attracts you naturally is undoubtedly the most perfect one for you. Additionally, if there is a set of beads that you cannot get out of your head, it often means it is your best choice.

Assess your intention: Another great way of choosing the right Rudraksha beads is your intention and what you are looking to manifest. Your intention is your personal journey and only you can choose the milestones you want to accomplish. You may be looking to find a soul mate or want to live a more balanced life. Even if you are not sure about your intention, then asking the right questions can point you in the right direction. Rudraksha beads have metaphysical properties that helps you align your energies with the sacred materials. There is real power in wearing these bead as they help you stay positive as well as focused in the face of challenges.

Rudraksha is indigenous to the Himalayan regions of India and Nepal. It is grown in volcanic soil that is necessary for its growth. Within the saint community, Rudraksham are sacred objects that have the power to influence and protect every aspect of your life. However, to extract its true potential, you must follow proper spiritual processes to activate its healing power.

Make sure you to educate yourself about Rudraksha beads and how to buy them before making a purchase online.

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