How Excessive Cocaine Intake is Linked to Anxiety?

Cocaine can cause serious anxiety, but it’s not the only negative effect that cocaine has on the body and the life of the addict. Cocaine or any recreational drug consumption has ruined many lives. In many cases chocolates or even caffeine is responsible for serious anxiety and they should be avoided if you are suffering from anxiety disorder. Cocaine is such drug that causes severe anxiety, to the people who normally don’t even suffer from anxiety.

People who suffer from anxiety are tending to move towards cocaine in a misconception that it is a gateway from such disorder. Regular consumption can lend you into cocaine addiction treatment centers. Addicts think of cocaine as a coping tool, but on the contrary it causes more anxiety.

Excessive Cocaine Intake

There are many factors that connect Anxiety to Cocaine:-

Cocaine acts as a Stimulant

Cocaine itself is a stimulant and we all know that stimulants cause serious anxiety. Neurotransmitters in the brain are excited by cocaine consumption making you feel high. Cocaine is a severe form stimulant, and can be very harmful to the ones already suffering from anxiety disorder. The most common misconception among addicts is that cocaine helps to cope anxiety. It can, yes but for a while. But they don’t realize that cocaine actually acts as anxiety causing agent and the cycle keeps repeating. More anxiety more cocaine and vice a versa.


When detoxing, the body is in withdrawal. Once the cocaine is out of the system, the neurotransmitters kicks in and the feeling of depression, stress or anxiety arises. When you are coping with such withdrawal, you have to be mentally strong, because once the brain starts struggling, you are more prone towards anxiety. Many cocaine rehab centers in the USA and around the world have been working very hard to get their patients through such withdrawal phases and help them to be mentally strong.

Cocaine Craziness

It is the term often referred to the ones who are high on cocaine. The behavior of an addict during the intoxicated phase can also lead to anxiety. Persistent cocaine users often suffer from insomnia. And if you can’t sleep, the capability of the body degrades, thus resulting anxiety. Once the cycle becomes regular, the body is not able to cope up with such stress, exposing you to many other diseases.

Physical Connection

Shooting cocaine with injections or any other form can cause severe itching and muscle twitching. The effect of such itching and injection on the nerves is very severe. Vasoconstriction is caused by injecting cocaine and it prevents the blood flow to tissue, resulting in severe tissue damage. Such physical stress often leads to mental stress, thus causing anxiety.

Daily Routine

Daily life associated with cocaine addicts is one of the prime reasons for anxiety. Such stuff is only available at risky neighborhood, also once you are addicted you need it no matter what. So, you tend to lose money or come up with ideas to buy it. Cocaine causes dehydration, agitation, paranoia, hallucination, nausea and other components that leads to anxiety.

The above mentioned are just the start up reasons that prove that cocaine use can cause anxiety. Prolong cocaine use can have severe effects like heart stroke or kidney failure. Our mind adapts to cocaine very quickly, so once you use, it always encourages you then take it again and the anxiety issue starts. Life is too short to waste on such drugs!


Jennifer has helped many cocaine addicts and anxiety patients in cocaine addiction treatment centers for many years. She shares the experience and ways to cope up with such addiction over blogs and other social media.

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