A guy become star worldwide because of facebook

How Facebook magic works worldwide

Facebook Rumor can make you celeb in one day like Justin bieber,Facebook has got such tremendous a platform were every one get chance irrespective of were you are in the facebook worldwide.

Such is craze were Justin bieber who become sensation for every teen by breaking rules of Critics.
No one never really felt website like Facebook can make your ambition fulfill on line.

facebook worldwide
It was always said that if you don’t have God father in Hollywood at least you should have strong reference to get that precious ticket toHollywood to taste the glamorous world of Hollywood.

It’s really tough to enter such competitive business of entertainment if you are going to part of Hollywood.

But still when world follows stars like Tom cruise,Nicole,etc they just really want to be what there stars are.

Why Facebook is hope for many

Every stars life is presented by media so much glamorous that every generations wants to follow there stars life as much as they can as every news associated with there favorite stars is like meeting to God.

Such is craze among fans were many fans has joined Facebook ,twitter to popularize or support there stars in powerful public platform called Facebook ,twitter.

It was never possible for fans to chat or have word of feedback to stars ,but technology has grown so rapidly that even stars like Tom cruise,Nicole,etc are not hesitating to join day by day to meet there fans by social media platform .

so ,Facebook has not only brought the celebrity and fans so closer considering the fact that it was totally impossible to meet celebrity due to security issues.But now stars are commenting more and expressing themselves without any hesitation of being celebrity.

Ultimately ,many fans are thinking more positively towards there stars success and are definitely trying to progress to become star one day.

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