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Do you run an industry? It can be chemical, pulp & paper, food production, oil and gas, or even wastewater and water treatment facility. In all those industries, you need the best devices that can help to monitor the flow rate of liquids and gases with a high degree of accuracy. Maintaining proper and correct rates of flow can help in maximizing efficiency and even special production quality.

 Many flow meters are in the market today. But the Florite flow monitoring and control instruments have taken flow measurement to another level. You can trust Florite flow control devices for accurate measurements! The devices provide both clarity and control of fluids.

The model 700 Florite device connects well with flow sensors to perform crucial tasks in the flow rate monitoring. It acts as a fluid rate alarm measurement. So, when the flow rate goes beyond a precise threshold, it is detected the flow stops. 

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Why you should choose Florite flow meter devices

1. A high degree of accuracy

When monitoring flow rate, accurate results is the ultimate goal. The combination of a controller and a sensor guarantees the most accurate and reliable flow rate results. That’s why you should consider Florite devices. They can give you an overall accuracy of about 0.75%. Even when it comes to repeatability, the Florite instruments have proven to be reliable. They can give the same results again and again if they are working in the same conditions.

2. Florite devices can be programmed

If you are looking for computerized flow meter devices, you got the right option with Florite monitoring and control instruments. You can easily program your device to control the fluids flow rate based on your needs. The fact that it is a device that can be programmed makes it safe and reliable.

3. Ability to read raw input signals

It doesn’t matter how your sensor measures the flow. The Florite controllers have the power to read raw input signals and give usable data. Are you going to use your flow meter on a medium where you will require control functions? The Florite instruments can give output signals for relays between 0-10V and even 0-20Ma. 

4. Great display

You won’t struggle reading data if you’re using Florite monitoring & control devices. The 990X and 990R Florite devices have high contrast making it easy to obtain flow rate data from them. Besides, their backlit graphic display allows you to view real-time variables. You can also see your programmed set-point for every connected device by looking at the home screen. That allows the device owner to rapidly identify and initiate in-process changes within a few seconds.

The visual and audio indicators of the Florite instruments give immediate status data about rates. They will also produce diagnostic operating conditions when needed. That helps to find any issue connected to the flow rate or device for the necessary repair.  

Major types of Florite flowmeters

1. Positive displacement flow meters

A PD flow meter measures the fluid flow rate by checking the volume of the liquid that passes through the device. The fluid is first entrapped into something that looks like a container to determine the flow rate, and then it is allowed to flow.

2. Mass flow meter

This is another meter you can use to estimate flow rate with a high degree of accuracy. The fluid has to pass through the flow meter for its flow rate to be determined. Coriolis and thermal flow meters are in this category of flow metering devices. In the Coriolis flow meter, the monitored fluid flows through a vibrating tube that leads to a change in frequency. The meter uses frequency data to show the rate of fluid flow.

 But for the thermal flowmeter, fluid flow cools-off the probe headed to some level. Then, the meter senses the heat loss to determine the flow rate. Get, Florite flow monitoring devices, and you will never have any issue with flow metering.

3. Differential pressure flowmeter

A DP flow meter measures the rate of liquid flow by determining a drop in pressure as the fluid passes through obstructions along the pipe or channel. The pressure drops across the constriction as the fluid flowing through the pipe increases. So, it’s that drop in pressure that is recorded by the meter and helps to compute the flow rate.

4. The optical flowmeters

These are flow meters that function based on the principle of optics. They use light to measure the flow rate of fluids. An optical flow meter uses a set-up made up of beam and photo detectors. So, once gas flows through the pipe, the gas particles scatter the laser beam and produce pulses that are then taken by a receiver.


Never do guesswork when dealing with liquids or gases. Today, you can monitor the flow rate of such mediums and get accurate results. All you need is to go for Florite monitoring and control equipment. Florite flow meters are computerized, which makes it easy to program them. So, when looking for the best solution to flow monitoring issues, you can always trust Florite!  


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