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    Amit Singh Bali

    Emotional Story of DOG=GOD


    Note About WriterWe appeal to all our Readers to support our writer who wrote this story FREE for all of us to INSPIRE WORLD.

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    Puppy DOG is born with mother taking care

    mother dog and puppy living together

    Puppy enjoying free ride with mom

    puppy playing with mom

    Puppy playing with mother

    puppy playing with mother

    One day Mother dog leaves her puppy without any Reason

    mother dog leaving puppies

    Puppy missing mom crys LOT

    puppy missing mom cry

    Growing Puppy writes his feeling

    puppy missing mom

    Growing Puppy enjoying with friends  &  LIFE

    puppy playing with puppy

    Must Read Pets,animals Tips of this Years

    Growing Puppy finds hungry baby Goat

    white baby goat crying

    Puppy immediately feeds Milk

    dog feed goat gif

    Baby goat thanks Puppy dog & become his friend for LIFE

    white orphaned goat care

    Puppy dog getting emotional when Baby goat moves on in his LIFE

    baby goat BROWN dog