When Friends Helping Friends Move: Let the Good Times Roll

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Funda of Friends Helping Friends-

Whether you’ve found your first job out of college or have found a better opportunity in your field, you may find yourself moving house. Moving as an adult is a thousand times different than moving with mom and dad. This time you’re in charge of the work, and it’s not always hassle-free. You can make the entire process easier with the help of a few good friends helping friends . The trick is to make sure they are still good friends at the end of your move. Get your friends excited about helping you, and make moving as good a time as it can be.


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1.Pay Them

You would be required to pay a professional mover thousands of dollars. In fact, reputable moving companies charge, on average, $150 per hour to help you move. When you consider the money you’ll be saving, it shouldn’t hurt you to throw a few bucks at each friend that helps you move. If your friends aren’t the type that will take your cash, buy each a gift card that they will use. If you’re not sure what gift card is most beneficial to your friend, buy a Visa gift card and let your friend choose what to spend it on.

2.Supply Alcohol

Pizza and beer are the staples of people moving anywhere. Buy a few pies and a couple of six packs for your friends, and take a break. Be careful when supplying alcohol to friends; you may want to wait until all of your stuff is moved. Everyone has that one friend that turns into a butter fingers when they drink. Keep your valuables intact; save the beer for later. As a side note: Not all of your friends drink. Buy soda, juice and water for those friends.

3.Give Them a Massage

Do you feel like spending 30 minutes rubbing your friend’s shoulders? Probably not. Your friends, though, will be more than appreciative of a good rub down once they have slung your boxes around. Instead of getting too personal with your buddies, give each a gift certificate for a massage from a local professional. While your female friends won’t mind going to a spa or salon for their massage, look for a masseuse that works from somewhere a bit more manly for the fellas in your life.

4.Pay It Back

Think about it: You’re more likely to help a friend who has helped you in the past. Promise to help your friends with something they need in the future. Whether it’s babysitting, painting the house or doing yard work, there will come a time when your friend needs help. Make a pact with your friends to trade physical labor for physical labor. You may be surprised at all of the volunteers you get to help you move.

5.Throw a Party

You and your friends are going to be exhausted by the time you’re finished moving. Don’t throw a party the night of your move, but do throw one the following weekend. Make sure your friends know that it is in appreciation of their help, not a house-warming party that requires gifts. Make a great dinner for all of your besties, buy a few bottles of wine, and set a gorgeous table. Your friends will love the thoughtfulness, and you’ll feel good that you were able to show your appreciation.

Very few people are happy to do something for nothing, even though they’ll often do it for a friend. Don’t take advantage of your friends; show them how grateful you are that they are willing to help you. There’s not much that you can do to make moving fun, but there’s a lot that you can do to “pay” your friends back.

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