Fue vs Fut: cost, advantage, and it’s the procedure?


You may need to know two types of surgical hair transplant: Follicle unit extraction (FUE) and Follicle Unit transplantation. Therefore the process of the two is primary. Read on more about Fue vs. Fut. 

What is Follicular Unit Transplantation?

FUT involves the extraction of the donor strip from the donor zone by the use of the scalp. Remember donor is taken into a split for individual grafts, often more minor in the follicle unit. When it comes to procedure, it leaves the linear scar a few mm of the diameter. 

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What is Follicle Unit Transplantation?

FUE involves harvesting for a large number of the unit and maximizes the number of grafts available. The surgeon of each follicle has scars that are smaller or noticeable. 

What is the cost of fue vs. fut

When you compare with fue, it appears to be much higher than fut because it variant a lot of time. The cost per hair with fue is much lower. This is because you can expect even 0.3 to 1.0of more hair to graft from. Overall the cost of the procedure will depend on the condition of your goal. It’s essential to keep in mind the fixed amount of the hair transplant that is widely used. 

Advantage of fue vs fut

The advantage of FUT is: 

Your benefactor zone doesn’t need to be shaved down to review zero 

It is reasonable for transplantation of an enormous area of hair 

Eliminating hair strips take an exceptionally more limited time contrasted with the other. The technique which you need to stand by for quite a while to get your hairs extricated. 

FUT has the accompanying hindrances: 

A direct scar will stay noticeable in the benefactor territory, and you need to wear long hair to shroud it (present-day strategies for closing up the trim has decreased the permeability of the left scar) 

The recuperation period is longer (10-14 days) 

FUT offers you maximum fullness 

FUT is the ideal option for the patient requiring many of the grafts 

You can keep your hair long, which will help you to cover up some of the linear cars

Advantage of FUE 

No hint of scarring left on the scalp after recuperation 

Reasonable for the individuals who wish to have short hair 

A short amount of period (5-7 days) 

The tedious interaction of extricating joins 

Greater cost

FUE is suitable for the people who may need to take a smaller amount of time 

The procedure of fat vs full

The FUT system is more efficient (ordinarily, a large portion of the cost per unite of FUE). Furthermore, it empowers a patient to move a lot bigger quantities of unions/hairs to the thinning up top zones during a solitary careful meeting. Notwithstanding, the benefactor region after a strip extraction medical procedure will require additional time before it is wholly recuperated compared to the FUE medical procedure. 

This has filled interest in the FUE methodology with patients who are exceptionally worried about potential noticeable scarring in the benefactor region. 

Nonetheless, provided late advances and care in benefactor a sense of finality methods utilized during strip extraction medical procedure, for example, the trichophytic conclusion strategy, the straight contributor scar made by the strip extraction technique is currently regularly practically invisible, even upon close assessment. You can try to use the whole of them where necessary.

Comparing the fit vs fue procedure 

FUE is through and through the better decision for the individuals who don’t need perceptible scars. FUE scars are minor and round, while FUT scars will consistently be long and straight. Scarring is less observable with FUE since imperfections are minor, if recognizable by any means, and dissipated through the scalp. Spots from FUT is more significant and confined, making them more observable. In follow-up methods from FUT, the hair is typically taken from the area, leaving a solitary scar. Sadly, different FUT systems increment the likelihood of a comprehensive, perceptible scar. Numerous FUE strategies additionally slim the giver territory after some time. 

The number of accessible unions fluctuates patient by patient; however, there is a limited sum in both fue vs fut. Notwithstanding, the complete number of potential partnerships from FUE is frequently more noteworthy because hair shouldn’t be left to shroud a wide scar. FUT additionally has a significant inconvenience in that FUT can change hair development course. This bearing change may happen after one FUT method or different ones.


The above are some of the details of fut vs fue you may need to know, as discussed in this article. When you compare, both fut offers many benefits, especially optimal for the patient who has a shorter hairstyle and mostly try to change hairstyle.

As we discuss some of the advantages and costs, you will realize the importance of those hair transplants. If you need easy recovery, then give it a try and wait for the results. 


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