Gates villas vs. Apartments: Pros and cons

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Gates villas vs. Apartments: Pros and cons


A home is a personal property wherein one can find all the comfort and rest. It provides you shelter, which is one of the most important factors for a living. When one acquires a particular property, it involves various processes to manage things like acquisition, control, accountability, maintenance, utilization, and disposition. If you are searching for a living space to call your own there is a choice between gated community plots in north Bangalore and several apartments in various projects dotted across the city. If you are a nuclear family comprising 4 persons then an apartment is fine. But if you need space, privacy and some more additional value to the property then simply opt for plots for sale in north Bangalore.


Even since the concept of independent plots returned, many people prefer them to living in enclosed apartments. Of course the ultra-rich have always had own luxury homes and now it is for the middle class to enjoy a slice of comfort and luxury. They have set a benchmark for others and increased the living standards that can ever be expected for shelters. Today, plots for sale in Bangalore north provide an excellent social standing for those who wish to live in comfort. They can simply add the luxury elements that come with the best of services required for communal habitat in a gated environment. Real estate in some locations where gated community plots in north Bangalore exist, provides exclusive services.

Apartments Pros and cons

They include:


  • Privacy
  • 24-hour security
  • Gated community comfort of like-minded people
  • Security at every level
  • Clubhouses
  • Fitness center
  • Property Management services
  • Swimming pools and tennis courts

A luxury villa will have some common features too like exclusive architecture to maintain uniformity, parks, state-of-the-art amenities, and resort and spa facilities. A professional staff maintains them. They are responsible for cleaning the stairwells, elevators and lobby areas. Overall security is 24 x 7, which makes it safe for the residents.  These villas or independent homes can be rented or owned. Some people like to live in privacy after retirement. Younger couples are already saving money for such plots to build dream homes.  There are many luxury villa styles to pick from. With real estate becoming more real it is a good time to invest in gated community plots in north Bangalore.


Twin gifts


One can get them at a good price as well as own a good asset. Once you move into the comfort of your own independent home, it offers comfort. In the last few years, villas have become very popular with small families. Many urban families are already investing in plots for sale in north Bangalore. The most basic ones can have two-bedroom accommodation. The more spacious types have 3-bedrooms with a large living room.  A small garden patch enhances its beauty.


Housing in many areas of Bangalore is dotted with various apartments too. The luxury ones is obviously a class apart from the projects that have cropped up in congested urban areas. People, who have made a second investment, keeping retirement in mind, often own them. These living habitats are becoming more affordable to middle-class people. The apartments are usually available on the south side of the city. This makes them very accessible points for utility services. They are ideal for single people and preferably rented out. The only disadvantage of living in an apartment is paying the regular monthly fees but if you have paid for the whole year there should be no issue. But then one should not grudge as the fees are for safety, security, and cleanliness.


Pros & Cons

Depending on the needs of your life, suitability, age factor and also marital status, one can choose a gated villa or an apartment in the hustle bustle of the city.  While an unmarried person can choose to stay in a bohemian apartment, as the marital status changes, shifting to a ‘villa nest’ is perfect.



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