How to get my Ex boyfriend back After A Break Up

how to get a girl to love you

Fast Ways To get your Ex boyfriend back

Break-ups are very painful for everyone and that’s why people often make lots of mistakes when trying to get their ex back. So, it is very important to take every step carefully. Most of the people face problems with initiating contact with their ex because it’s not easy to understand what to do and how to do.


So what about you? Are you facing the same problem? Confused about what to say to your ex? If yes, then you’re at the right place. About contacting your ex, timing is very important. If you do it pretty soon, it can seem like desperate act. If you wait too long, your ex may move on. There still has space for you in your ex’s heart, so proper planning can pull your ex in your direction back.So How to get my Ex boyfriend back After A Break Up?

Nothing is hopeless:

No matter what the situation is you can still bring back your ex- that’s something you must have to believe. Every situation is fixable. You just need enough courage to face it. May be your ex has moved on, dating someone else. Don’t lose hope. Let’s talk about some techniques that will surely help you.

Think of a plan:

Planning is everything that you need. After a break up, you may think of calling your ex and tell that you miss her. Please control that temptation. It will simply push your ex far away from you. Since your ex wants to stay far from you, your calls can be annoying to her. So what should you do? First of all, get rid of this urge. You can hang with your friends or visit your favorite places to divert your mind.

Allow sufficient time to pass:

Don’t call or text your ex after the break up at least for a month. If you call her the day after the break up, she will get no chance to miss you. So take time, both of you. Let your ex think about the whole situation. Once your ex begins to calm down, you will have the chance to contact her.

But how can you control yourself? Aren’t you thinking about it? Well, social interaction is pretty helpful in this case. Go talk to people, meet your family members. You can focus on some self care stuffs like changing your bad habits and attitude or you can take some more care about your outlook.

Send an email or a text:

How to get a girl to love You

After a break, when you are thinking of contacting your ex, keep things light and formal. Don’t call at first. You can email her or send a text like “hello” or “what’s up”. This will remind her of you. But don’t post these on her timeline at Facebook because it can be irritating for your ex since you two have already broken up.

Keep things light:

Don’t bring up bad memories while talking to your ex. Try to keep your conversation light and interesting. You can talk about recent events but avoid emotions. Once you and your ex get close enough, you can talk about serious stuffs.

Ask for meeting:

Since you’re talking to your ex often, it’s time to meet her. Ask for a friendly meeting and explain everything. Talk about mistakes, talk about ways to solve them. Say that you still care for her and willing to fix it. You can apologize for mistakes that you did. If you can explain everything successfully, you have the chance to get your ex back.

get my Ex back

So don’t lose control over you. Just follow these tips and go for the action. You will succeed.

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