Be More Creative And Original When Gift Shopping Online

It seems to be harder and harder to find interesting and relevant presents and gifts for some people. The digital age has meant that old favourites like a new Album or the latest film on DVD are somewhat useless for someone who watches films online and downloads their music. So what do you do? 
Easy Times Are No more 
Shopping for presents has always been a troublesome task and you never manage to please everyone. The task has been made harder in recent years with digital downloads and online movies   taking away some of the easier gift choices like CDs or DVDs, that for many people were the “easy ones” that you used to be able to get out of the way quickly. Some people still manage to do half of their Christmas shopping online, but even then you often end up buying the same type of dull gifts for everyone you know. The days of collecting stacks of DVDs and CDs are pretty much over and it really is a lazy present. There are better and far more original options out there, so let’s take a look at a couple… 
Make A Memory Last Forever 
One great thing about the digital age is the popularity of digital cameras. If you use social media sites you probably have your face “tagged” in dozens of photographs already. A great present can be made from taking a more old-fashioned approach to photos. Why not digitally scan all your old family photographs and create a memory photo book for family members. Create a family history tree in photo form, making a truly original and personal present. Photo books are a great gift to give as it shows you actually put work into the present instead of just grabbing something on a rushed shopping trip. 
Revive Those Old Home Movies 
A similar idea would be to use old home movies instead of photographs. Once again this shows a personal touch and by upgrading old video footage into a digital version you will be helping to preserve those memories forever. Such ideas don’t kill off the idea of gift shopping, they just take it in a different direction. You’ll still have to get out there to buy blank DVDs to print the movies on and some fancy cases to make it seem a bit more like a traditional present. Just as there are great companies online that will help print up old photos and make gift books, there are people you can find who will help you convert those old camcorder tapes into a digital format that you can edit. 
Online Shopping Is Still Your Friend 
These ideas still require you to find great deals on things online, but instead of settling for some random DVD box set or something like that, make it a personal gift that won’t be soon forgotten. Photo books and revived celluloid memories will make for a fantastic present for that special person in your life, so shop smartly and use a bit of creativity. 
Bill Shaw has been writing about online shopping and offbeat shopping ideas for a number of years, both online and in print. Please click here again soon for the latest schemes, deals and great ideas.

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