Gondola Shelving Units Help Tweak Sales Strategies

Shoppers are likely to have come across gondola shelving units at several retail stores. These units are simply free-standing fixtures in different designs and patterns that are able to store items being sold. A number of shelves can be placed in them, depending on the items that have to be displayed. Items can either be kept or hanged in these spaces.

One Brand or Many Brands

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A retailer can decide whether to display items from one brand or from multiple brands, based on which the requirements will have to be stated to the gondola shelving suppliers. The heights of the different shelves can be adjusted as per the items that need to be displayed. Multiple brands are likely to have a large number of products, which will require more space, although this is not a norm.


Any retail owner who orders these shelving units needs to be aware about the dimensions of these units, and also be aware of the material quality. This quality has to be in sync with the brand being displayed, in most cases. Retailers have been using shelving units as fixtures for several years.

The BOPIS Approach

BOPIS stands for Buy Online Pick Up in Store, and this is a solution that works well to shape shopping in the current and post pandemic era. Since most people haven’t travelled and spent much money outside, it has enabled them to save a lot of money, leading to a pent up demand for goods and services. It has created a situation in which stores have to be particularly cautious about person-to-person contact. For this purpose, the use and prominence of open shelving units is a new development. Units also have to be connected to software. Users can easily visit company websites, choose their products, and then pick these up from a physical store.

Why They are Called “Gondola Shelving” Units

This floor-mounted shelving system is available with cantilevered shelves that extend from the sides of a rigid vertical back. It is convenient in a retail store since it can be y reconfigured and moved the store, allowing it to satisfy various storage requirements. Once installed, there is always adequate space to walk, making it highly suitable for all types of aisles.

Typically, their benefits are as follows:

1.A double-sided, free-standing, unit which stands without being attached to walls

2.Customers pick their products easily due to their user friendly designs. Picking a few products at the same level also does not disturb the entire setup.

3.Suitable for several types of shops, whether small grocery stores or hypermarkets

4.Available at very affordable rates

5.Assembly is very easy, and does not require professional assistance

6.As mentioned above, it can be shifted to any part of the store and its height is adjustable

7.Buyers are spoilt for choices in terms of styles

8.Use these accessories with them:

a.Shelf dividers to split shelf displays
b.Wire baskets to show magazines
c.Hooks or hanging pegs
d.LED lights

9.Goods here remain safe since shelf structures remain in place due to heavy T-shaped uprights

10.Adequate clearance has been made available for hygiene reasons

Main Features

1.The gondola shelving unit uses a solid board or a pegboard
2.Parts other than the pegboard, solid board, or slat wall are made with metal
3.Its bottom shelf is called the base deck, and is always flat
4.The unit can be bought either as an island or a wall

Should be Shipped Quickly

All retail stores are known to sell fast moving goods, and supplies have to be replenished on a daily basis. Storage requirements change rapidly at these stores, and so suppliers of gondola shelving units must not delay in sending good quality products. For this purpose, they must have adequate amounts of inventory. It is important to find out about the availability of stock before placing the order, and this can be seen online.

Shelving Units for Diverse Floor Plans

Shelving units have to be arranged as per the available floor plans. Gondola shelving units come with different parts such as wall units, island units, and endcaps which allow the creation of beautiful aisles. Arrangements, though they appear permanent, can be reshuffled at any time as per the retailer’s requirements.

At Toy Stores

Shelving units can suit the requirements of toy stores, albeit with a suitable degree of modification. Toy stores commonly try to set up concept stores, such as the 4 concept Snoopy stores launched by 7-Eleven in Hong Kong and Macau. The concept came about at the same time as Snoopy’s 70th birthday. The purpose here was to provide every customer the 360-degree shopping experience, and gondola shelving units were heavily used in September 2020.

All goods on gondola shelving units should be put up in a manner such that they do not look overcrowded.

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