Brighten up your kitchen with gorgeous Denby stoneware

From humble beginnings, the pottery at Denby in Derbyshire has grown into an internationally recognised brand. Renowned for its strength, versatility and durability, the famous Denby stoneware offers beauty, form and function in equal Brighten up your kitchen with gorgeous Denby stoneware

The Denby story began in a factory manufacturing stoneware bottles in 1809. Owned and managed by the Bourne family the company diversified into other stoneware products, developing their own methods for producing salt-glazed pottery. This technique involves throwing salt at the pottery during the firing process, which causes a chemical reaction between the sodium of the salt and silica in the clay. The resultant glaze is sodium silicate which is glossy, translucent and with a distinctive texture.

Denby stoneware

Not just a pretty face

All of the products designed and manufactured at the Denby pottery are created to be things of beauty. Designed to be used and handled on a daily basis, rather than being stored in a cupboard and only being brought out for ‘best’, every item is designed to fulfil its purpose in the most simple, functional yet decorative way.
Some pottery and china ware needs special treatment and careful handling in order to prevent cracks and breakages, but there’s no need to tiptoe around any of the products created or endorsed by Denby. The stoneware is designed to take your food effortlessly from freezer to oven to table. The chinaware ranges are just as sturdy too, with all pieces microwave safe and dishwasher friendly.

A style for everyone

Denby has managed to diversify into a number of ranges, meaning that products appeal to just about everyone, from the classical home-maker to the more contemporary technology-driven household. Ranges come in plain colours or patterns and in traditional styles right through to the most contemporary designs.
You can tell that thought has gone into the design of every item in every range. From a special gravy lip to keep sauces on the plate where they belong, to the saucer designed to hold a biscuit or two, these are real designs for real people in real situations.

The country’s new found interest in fine dining and presentation has led to an exciting range designed with oversize pieces in white specifically to show off your food to its very best advantage. Meanwhile, cookware is backed by an impressive ten-year guarantee, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality products designed to stay the distance.
In the current economic climate there is a move away from the ‘throw away’ society that we had become used to. We have a new appreciation of and desire for, products which will perform their function with style and that will withstand the knocks and bumps of normal everyday life. The owners, managers and employees at Denby pottery understand the inherent beauty of a product designed to fulfil its purpose with a sturdy elegance and endeavour to produce items of the very highest quality.


Marina Wright writes regularly on interior design for a range of home and lifestyle websites and blogs. A keen collector of porcelain for a number of years Marina has a particular interest in china, porcelain and stoneware. She still owns some Denby pieces originally given to her parents as wedding presents back in the 1960s and still in regular use – click here to find out more.

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