How Install Your off the Grid Well

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In order to understand how install your off the grid well you must also understand some basic things about wells. In the modern society, many people do not realize how valuable water is, but those who are living in the country may still know how difficult it can be to find good sources of water and dig for them to make wells. Digging a well is not hard at all today compared to the past when people used to “break their backs” digging by hand. Now most people use drills to make the digging instead of the classical pick and shovel method. In order to offer a reasonable quantity of water, a well has to be dug deep. For such a task, drilling rigs can be great, as they are similar to the ones used for oil, but of smaller dimensions.

Grid Well

While the majority of drilling rigs are used by experts, there are some of that can be used by the average person at home. Even if the costs of such operations can be of thousands of dollars (up to thirty thousand dollars sometimes), drilling is still preferred because it can help people save a lot of work and precious time. If you decide to make a well through drilling on your property, you should first verify if your need a permit for it, as some states can have such a requirement. Then, you must make sure you have water on the property.

Will I Find Water? How?
Water can be found in layers of soil that are sandy and that are situated between two coal layers, but the best thing to do in order to check your property for the presence of water is hiring a company who can do such evaluations. Normally, you could make a well in any place, but it is good to make it at a distance of fifty feet or more from any field lines or septic tanks. You have to make sure the well is placed in the right location, for avoiding any groundwater contamination in the area.

You must dig deep enough underground to find the sandy layer and implicitly, the water source. If you find multiple layers that are sandy, you will also reach multiple types of water, with different mineral contents. Well depths go from thirty to seventy feet and the deepest ones can be of more than one hundred in depth. For depths of about thirty feet and a soft soil, the way to make a well is the use of a driven well.

Drilling Your Own Well
Drilling your own well is possible and affordable enough. There are different ways to do this, such as renting equipment or buying a kit made specifically for this purpose. To drill a hole of about one hundred feet will cost you somewhere around one thousand dollars. The first step is making the pilot whole, also called the starter hole. Then, you have to dig a pool of water, for cooling the motor and the drill, but also for taking the dirt back up, as it will have to be disposed. After drilling the hole for the well, the next step is casing the hole. A four inch diameter pipe can serve as the well once it is inserted into the hole.

How to Put In a Driven Well
Dig a two feet pilot hole in the ground using a post-hole digger first. Then, you can place the drill point. You must screw a headed cap not too tight onto the end of the well point. The drill point can be inserted into the whole with the use of a slam hammer or a sledge hammer. Only ten inches of pipe must remain outside. You can now add a pipe section to the drill point and install an internally headed coupling after you take out the cap. In order to ensure a tight sealing, the best solution to use can be a Teflon pipe joint. The pipe must be added in sections of five feet.

You can check from time to time if you have reached the water table. This can be done by hitting the pipe and you will have to hear a sound that will be something like “bong”. The whole well screen should be into the water for best results. Drilled wells can produce more water than driven wells, but it is still enough. Even if the water could be muddy in the beginning, it will become more clear in time. How install your off the grid well? As you have seen, there are ways to do it for those who are really interested.

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